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Bowling League? Nah…

boulder league!

Form a rad team, with the best name you can think up. Crush together as a team to see who shakes out on top each week. Hive Championships will be held to determine the top 5 teams at each gym, and those 10 teams qualify to represent The Hive in the Pacific Boulder League Championships at Project Cloverdale! 

Boulder with your buddies

Climb together, win together… who will finish on top?

Boulder League problems marked fresh for our teams, both gyms, every Monday! Read on for more details…

important dates 

Put ’em in your calendar!
Week 1: October 8 – 14
Week 2: October 15 – 21
Week 3: October 22 – 28
Week 4: October 29 – Nov 4
Hive Championships: November 10 9a-12p
NW Boulder League Championships: Nov 24 (more info coming soon)

What you need to do

Create co-ed teams of 4-5 people. Register your name and your team members at your home gym before October 1st. Starting October 8th, Climb together once a week; all team members must be present! 
Make sure your whole team has the Hive Championships in your calendar!


Top team each week at each gym will receive a sweet prize from a local restaurant, retailer, distillery, or brewery.
Top five teams from each gym will be offered a spot in the Pacific Boulder League Championships, where the prizes will be bigger, better, boulderier… stay tuned for details! A small fee will apply per team for the PBL Championships to support an awesome event at Project Cloverdale.

mentor nights

Give back to the climbing community that’s shaped you. Meet and encourage new climbers. Make someone’s life better, in the span of a climbing session, any Friday evening in October.

Sign up link coming soon!

mentorship in climbing

The way learning should be.

Ask anyone who’s been climbing for more than 5 years how they started; you’ll soon hear about the friend who got them into it and taught them the ropes (or lack thereof) from the start.

Be the change you wish to see…

Support good ethics in and out of the gym, and encourage learning and growth for new climbers by signing up to 
be a mentor this October! 
Every Friday in October, 6-9pm. We’re looking for 2 volunteer mentors a night, in shifts of 1.5 hours. Sign up at the front desk today!

Mentor Night FAQ:

  1. Anyone who asks! Any new or curious climber can talk to a Mentor for their guidance.
  2. We’ll be hosting up to 3 pairs from the UNYA mentorship program at Hive Vancouver, and TBD but we hope to find a group on the North Shore who are interested.

Stemming from the roped and outdoor climbing world, mentorship was mandatory if you wanted to get through your first year or so in one piece. With the advent of gyms, and the growth of the sport, there are ample ways for new climbers to get started without a mentor; but what about the camaraderie, the fellowship, the experienced voice? We always encourage climbers to take a course to dial in their skills quickly and with minimum risk, but we still believe mentorship has an important role to play in climbing.

Anyone with a few years of experience can volunteer to Mentor during BLOCtober!
Key qualities of a Mentor:
– patient and supportive
– knowledgable about climbing technique, and able to explain it to someone
– comfortable reading beta from the ground
– inclusive

Mentors will receive a punch pass per mentoring shift, as well as our undying gratitude and a lot of good karma.

Just your day pass. Mentors are volunteer based to keep this awesome connection free for you!
UNYA’s pre-registered mentor pairs have their day pass covered by the Hive.

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