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friendly summer comps

A fun, friendly-format community competition & fundraising series for all levels.

TNT exists to get the community together and get a little silly, across different gyms, on some 40 awesome new climbs! Also, to support local climbing non-profits and offer a low cost opportunity to try out the comp experience.

Read the details below!

Tuesday night throwdown

Competition & Fundraiser Series

June 18 | The Hive North Shore | Donations to North Shore SAR
Youth 4:30PM–6:30PM | Adult 6PM–9PM
Main Climbing Area Open for Competitors Only
July 30 | Project Climbing Cloverdale | Donations to Climb n Conquer
Schedule TBA
August 20 | The Hive Surrey | Donations to BC Access Society
Schedule TBA
We donate 25% of registrations, or $200 (topped up by The Hive); whichever is greater.
Youth $5 + day pass
Members $10

Guests* $25 includes day pass
*includes punch users, does not use up a punch pass)

Prizing + awards | Individual Comps
    • Youth D Award by places 1-3 (non gendered, overall)
    • Youth B/C Award for places 1-3 m/f  (as you identify)
    • Rec Award for places 1-3 m/f as you identify
    • Exp rankings announced next day
    • Best costume by Team (3-5 people) |  Youth, Adult
Must be present to win
    • Youth raffle
    • Adult Raffle
Prizing + awards  |  Series  |  Announced & Awarded @ TNT
  • Experienced | $, Trophy, Membership, Glory!

Health & Wellness Month

May 1 – 31

This month is all about finding your balance, making that self care happen, taking time to do the things that make you feel really good. 

For this month all memberships are ultimate, so you can take that yoga class at the North Shore, get your friend time in with that pal on the other side of the water, or take the crew out to Surrey to climb in the daylight after work!

Oh, and on MAY 1 there’s a 5 punch pass sale!
Details below.


5 punch pass sale

Get 5 punch passes for $65!
One day only, one set per person.
Online from 10AM – 11PM, in gym during regular hours of operation.
ONLY on May 1 2019.

Mentor Nights!

Starting January 28 2019, join us as a mentor or a mentee on the last Monday of each month

Ask anyone who’s been climbing for more than 5 years how they started; you’ll soon hear about the friend who got them into it and taught them the ropes (or lack thereof) from the start.

The aim of Mentor nights is to connect less experienced or newer climbers to the wealth of experienced and amazing individuals at the gym, and to encourage a small-gym community feeling, despite the constant growth of our climbing community.

Talk to the front desk at your home gym to get involved today.

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