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Instructor Highlight: Ricardo Benedetti

Instructor Highlight: Ricardo Benedetti

Climbing. Community. Health and Wellness. Education.

These are the 4 pillars that define the Hive, and help us make decisions and it’s what we always return to.

Our education team works so hard to bring the five-star experience by providing you with tools to take your climbing to the next level. As we begin our courses again, we wanted to shine a little light on the instructors that really give our courses something special. Get ready to learn more about your favourite (and future favourite) Hive instructors!

Meet Ricardo.

Ricardo came to us a few years ago from Brazil and quickly became an important part of our team across many different departments. We’re so stoked that he joined our crew! Read on to learn more about Ricardo and his climbing life.

Where is your favourite place to climb?


Where’s the most interesting place you’ve climbed?

Fortaleza Beach in Brazil where I grew up. You get to enjoy the beach during the day and climb at night.

What’s your favourite climb?

The Egg, V11. Such a pure and simple line, yet insanely hard!

What’s your favourite climbing style?


What’s your favourite activity that’s not climbing?

Soccer! It might be my favourite 🙂

What’s your favourite part about climbing?

I love the challenge of pushing myself beyond my limit, both physical and mental, and of course the nature around me and beer after with friends.

How long have you been climbing?

6 years

What do you teach at The Hive?

I currently teach Climb Smart at the North Shore, coach Hornets Comp/Rec, and am a route setter.


The next round of Climb Smart starts on August 10 at the North Shore. To sign up, head to the Courses section in our website here.