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Kori’s Fine Film Festival vol. 2

Our Winnipeg Managing Partner, Kori, is back with more entertainment for you during social distancing. Perfect for a Friday night in (or any night in, you’ve got time), these movies will keep your fire stoked for the days when we can get back on real rock. You know the drill… Load ’em up, grab your favourite beverage, sit back, and enjoy!

Arc’teryx – MOVE (3 min)

Dear Betty Bee (2 min)

Living with Wildlife (23 min)

Charlotte Durif Explores Puerto Rico (10 min)

80-Year-Old Paul Ross Climbs in Roller Skates and Boxing Gloves (2 min)

From the Woodshop of Rockstar Volumes (3 min)

Inside The Rubber Room: A Climbing Shoe Resoler (3 min)

Where the Wild Things Play (4 min)

Jon Cardwell ‘a muerte’ (8 min)

Bear Bathtub (2 min)

David Lama’s Life of Climbing | Cerro Torre – A Snowball’s Chance in Hell (9 min)

Carlo Traversi and his ultimate challenge (11 min)

A Song for Tomorrow – Climbing in Qingfeng Valley (3 min)

The Space Within (5 min)

Time in the Pines: Flyin’ Silver (2 min)