COVID-19 Updates

covid-19 updates

We get by, with a little help from our friends.

UPDATE: If you’re looking to support climber-run businesses during this time, please check out our ‘Climbers Supporting Climbers’ page! >> CLICK HERE

To our dear community,

Thank you, first off, for your patience and encouragement as we navigate the unprecedented and rapidly changing COVID-19 global crisis: we deeply appreciate the many compassionate messages we have received. Many members have been in touch offering to help and we are deeply moved. 

The Hive is proud to be a locally owned and operated small business. With over 145 employees, the impact of our recent closure has been devastating. Despite the potential of future government support, we have had to take the necessary and unfortunate step of temporarily laying off nearly our entire staff team. While a skeleton crew remains in place to manage the operations and prepare for our reopening when this health crisis has passed, at the moment we have no idea how long it will take for BC, Canada, and the world to get back on track; this is all uncharted territory. While our small crew can only be sustained for so long, you should know we are doing everything possible to survive.      

We also appreciate that many folks have been deeply impacted by COVID-19 and are struggling right now.  As such, below is need-to-know active member information to put your minds at ease. For those who have reached out with offers of support, thank you: we have more information on those options below. We are also working on ways to pay forward any support we may receive once we’re up and running, as we know there will be lasting effects for many in our community when we can safely climb together again.   

Active Member Information

What’s happening to my membership while you’re closed?                                              

Prepaid Members:

By default, all prepaid memberships (including Welcome One Week, Student Term, 1-Month and Annual memberships) will be frozen at no cost until further notice. The freeze will be backdated to Monday March 16, 2020.

Active Members interested in supporting us by purchasing added membership can certainly do so:  this will top up your account, adding time onto the end of your membership once we can return to the gym! This is deeply appreciated as you already contribute so much to our community.

EFT (Ongoing Monthly) Members

Freeze Now (DEFAULT) 

By default, all EFT memberships will be frozen at no cost until further notice. A credit for unused days in March* will be applied to your account.
*(03/16-03/31st inclusive)

Freezing Now and want to Support The Hive? Gift Cards are always an option and can be applied to your membership, snacks, or retail in the future! 

Opt-In to billing (CLICK HERE)

Ongoing Monthly Members who are willing and able to support us at this time may choose to OPT-IN to billing by filling out this form. You may change your request at any time if you wish to freeze later by using the same form if we are still closed and your situation has changed.

Programs and courses

What’s Happening with Camps and Youth Recreational Programs?

Unfortunately, due to the outbreak of COVID-19, we have been forced to cancel all upcoming programs, including our Spring Youth Rec term. We are continuing to assess the threat of COVID-19, and should we be able to reopen mid-spring, we will run an abbreviated Youth Rec term. Otherwise, our next anticipated youth programs will be Summer Camps.
See Summer Camp Info & FAQ 

Existing Course and Program Bookings

If you have already signed up and paid for a recreational youth program, camp, or course, there are a few options for you. For cancelled offerings, the Education Coordinator for your booking location will have reached out to you personally, so please check your spam folder and voicemail.

As mentioned above, we currently anticipate running our summer camps in July and August, but we will be closely following the COVID-19 pandemic and will adjust or cancel camps (with options for full refund or credit) based on government and local health authorities’ recomendations, with the well-being of participants and community as the number one priority.

Climbing Courses

All Adults Courses (including Intro to Bouldering, Fundamentals, Women in Bouldering, The Next Hex, and Climb Smart) are postponed until reopening.

Birthday Party Bookings

Youth Birthday Parties are currently unavailable for bookings. All emailed requests will be addressed when we have a date for re-opening.

How you can help! 

To keep the roof over our holds while we are closed, we are running an online pre-sale of various Hive products at 25% off. We know this comes at an inopportune time, and there is no obligation to help. We want you to look after yourself and each other first and foremost. If you are able to support us, we are eternally grateful. With your help we are confident that we will come back strong, and when we do, we’ll be thrilled to climb with you!

COVID-19 Support Options:

Pre-Sale of Prepaid Memberships & Punch Passes: 25% off Prepaid Annual and One-Month Memberships, and the 10 punch pass

EFT (Ongoing Monthly) Membership Sale (Happy Birthday Hive!)

Waived initiation fee for EFT sign-ups ($99 savings)*

*This is the usual sale that we run for our birthday. We will still celebrate our resilient community. In order to redeem this offer, you will pay for your first month at the time of sign up. This amount will be credited to your account upon re-opening.

Gift Cards: These come in any denomination and are good to use towards future memberships, snacks, and retail in the gyms.

All proceeds from this COVID-19 Support Sale will go directly to help sustain us during this closure. Your generosity during these difficult times means the world to us.  

Thank you.    

Closure FAQ

No – your membership will be automatically frozen until further notice.

Your membership will stay frozen until further notice (those who were initially quoted an automatic freeze expiry date of April 30th will be extended until further notice).

Prepaid frozen members should expect no change.

EFT members who were paying a freeze fee prior to our closure will default to a free freeze until further notice.

First and foremost, your support will help us meet those financial obligations for which there is no flexibility: rent, utilities, select taxes, and various service contracts. Furthermore, your support will help us complete a full reset of all gyms, tackle much needed deep cleans, ensure key operational systems remain intact, and contribute to employing the minimum essential workforce required in preparing to bring us back up to speed when the time comes!

As soon as it is safe to do so – we’re closely following the advice of provincial authorities and are committed to opening all locations as soon as we can. We want to climb too.

Location managers will be present at our locations periodically and able to assist – please reach out to the relevant gym manager to coordinate pick up.

We have a limited quantity of Beastmaker, Tension, Digit and Transgression boards available and can coordinate occasional times for purchase and pick up (as above). Please contact your local gym manager for information on stock quantities and to arrange a purchase.


March 15, 2020

Dear Climbing Community, 

Sometimes the right decision is the hardest one to make.

For the health and wellness of our community, effective Monday, March 16 we are temporarily closing all Hive locations to do our part to flatten the curve and curb the spread of COVID-19.

As part of our planning, we identified several events which, if they occurred, would require a change in how we carried on our business. The closure of local community centres, schools, and other gyms were among these considerations. This difficult decision has not been made lightly, but we feel it is the responsible thing to do considering the challenges we face as a facility in ensuring we do not contribute to the spread of the virus. We hope that by acting decisively and early, we can do our part in reducing the length and breadth of the impact of COVID-19 on our broader community.

During this crisis, we are also deeply concerned about the wellbeing of our staff, not only their physical health but also their mental and financial health. We will do everything in our power to make sure our team is looked after. 

Members will be contacted separately via email with what to expect regarding the freeze of their memberships (please check your spam folder). Thank you for your patience as we line up all the details to look after you both now and upon re-opening.

For those who are enrolled in camps, programs, and courses, you will also have communications in your email and, where time is of the essence, by phone outlining the impact of this decision as well as next steps for you. 

We will continue to update our website and social media as the situation unfolds, as well as updating members via email as necessary.

At this time we encourage our community to do their part and follow health authority recommendations by reducing non-essential contact in their day to day lives and following proper handwashing procedures. Climbers are resilient and resourceful folks, and we have no doubt that we will get through this together. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your understanding, patience and support.

Be kind to each other, and to yourselves. We very much look forward to seeing you again when we can confidently re-open our doors.