Kettlebell training

This 5 week Kettlebell Group Training will be a great addition to your current climbing and fitness regime, helping to create more power in the legs and hips and strength in the arms and upper back.

North Shore Only.

One on One , small group & Custom Training

We LOVE helping you achieve your fitness goals. Whether you’re interested in ongoing one-on-one training, a small group session for you and your friends or partner, or a custom program for independent training, our passionate and knowledgeable trainers will work just as hard as you do to find your fit.



Shannon Cluff
Health & wellness manager

Shannon has been teaching yoga, movement and Pilates since 2004 and comes to Hive Yoga with a background as a studio owner, manager and a business consultant. Upon joining the hive, Shannon added climbing into her movement routine and quickly understood why the rest of us are so hooked! Shannon’s playful attitude and contagious enthusiasm inspire us all to move more, in many ways, and it’s no surprise that her mission in life is “to inspire others to explore movement and mindfulness, and to make personal well-being an important top priority”. Catch a class with her soon at The Hive’s prAna Studio, and for more details about Shannon please visit 

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