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Community Partners

Community Partners

These awesome not-for-profits are so valuable to our climbing community and our sport! We love giving back wherever possible and are proud to work with these folks. When you support The Hive, especially during special events, you’re also supporting at least one of the below organizations. Thanks to you, and them, for making life better, together.


Van Queer Climbers supports LGBTQIA2S+ people to increase visibility and inclusion in climbing, reduce financial barriers that they are more likely to face, build community in a sport historically discriminatory against LBGTQIA2S+ people, and create positive change within local climbing facilities for that community. Van Queer Climbers envisions a future in which LGBTQIA2S+ people are included, represented, and overtly welcomed into all climbing spaces.

When we come together to climb we are holding space to be in our bodies, connect with breath and feel empowered.

BelayAll has become a vehicle for change through grassroots organizing and mutual aid efforts. At the local climbing gyms, BelayAll has advocated for equitable pricing for drop-ins and held meetups for identities beyond the norms to model community care, de-centre white and cis-males in those spaces, undo toxicity and open doors for climbing to be used differently and meet different needs. 

Colour the Trails is a collective of BIPoC and LGBTQ2S+ adventure seekers. We are the radical YES people. We are the visionaries, the intersectional environmentalists, the world shakers, and community builders.

We advocate for inclusive representation in outdoor spaces, working with brand partners, businesses, and organizations to break barriers and create accessibility. We subsidize outdoor adventures, create diverse content, and are actively working with our allies to create the change we want to see in the world.

The goal of this organization is to train youth to be future contributing leaders in our community. A registered charity offering programs to youth at risk and families in need at no cost to the participants, climb and conquer is funded entirely by the community.

The Hive proudly offers a charitable rate for C&C, and also supports through fundraisers like the TNT summer series.

CAS BC is exclusively dedicated to climbers and their access issues. Through community support, they supply new route gear, retro-fit existing routes, build trails and attend stakeholder meetings to ensure your favourite crag, cliff or mountain is accessible. Support your outdoor climbing areas, become a member today!

The Hive proudly supports CASBC through a variety of events and fundraisers.

NSR performs approximately 130 search & rescue operations annually, with some operations lasting multiple days. Members participate in different support or rescue categories, depending on individual skills and participation levels.

The Hive proudly supports NSR through TNT and other fundraising initiatives.

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