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Youth Climbing Teams

The Hive’s Youth Climbing Teams expand on The Hive’s Youth Recreational Programs to take kids to the next level! Youth climbers may apply for Hornets Recreational or Competitive Teams to explore such aspects of climbing as training, introduction to competition, personal projecting and goal setting in a supportive environment with a group of like-minded peers. We are committed to finding the best fit for any athlete in whatever program suits their interests and motivation best, and look forward to working with youth who share a passion for the fun, challenge and growth climbing offers. 

Youth who show enthusiasm for competitive climbing, dedication to regular training, and are supportive team members may be invited to join the The Swarm – our highest level competitive youth team. 

hornets | rec team

The Hornets Recreational Climbing Team expands on The Hive’s Youth Recreational Programs to take kids to the next level! Hornets Rec is a program for youth aged 10-16, who have already taken a recreational program and have a strong drive to improve their climbing, with a positive attitude towards training. This team will meet twice a week for climbing & conditioning sessions.

Athletes will have the option to participate in local competitions if they wish, though it is not required for this program.

hornets | Rec Team details

Hornets practice being a supportive teammate while working on early stage personal athletic development, exploring training for climbing, spending time on the wall, projecting, and goal setting.


  • Participants must be able to commit to two sessions per week.
  • Participants should be familiar with basic to intermediate climbing skills and language.
  • Participants must have completed a minimum of one Youth Recreational Program at The Hive or similar at another facility.
  • Applications must be submitted online; in-person climbing assessment is required prior to intake.

space & schedule

  • Hornets Rec Teams run at each facility individually; climbers will commit to one home facility per term
  • Spaces are limited and registration is subject to availability
  • This program follows our typical Youth Recreational Program calendar. Terms run from September to December, January to March, and April to June. Prices will fluctuate based on the length of each term.
  • Assessment dates are coordinated with the facility’s Education Coordinator following application.

Further questions? Feel free to contact us.

hornets | comp team

The Hornets Competitive Team is an introduction to a competition-focused climbing team. Hornets Competitive is for youth ages 10-16, with a strong drive to improve their climbing and a curiosity for competition. Focal points include exploring training for climbing, introduction to competition, projecting and goal setting.

Athletes are required to participate in two local competitions per term. 

hornets | comp team

Hornets practice being a supportive teammate while exploring competition climbing & training, spending time on the wall, personal projecting, and goal setting.


  • Participants in the Hornets Competitive Team must be able to commit to three sessions per week; climbers will commit to one home facility per term
  • Participants must have completed a minimum of one Hive Youth Recreational Program or similar prior to intake
  • Participants should be climbing at an intermediate level
  • Applications must be submitted online; in-person climbing assessment is required prior to intake

space & applications

  • Spaces are limited and registration is subject to availability
  • Terms run from September to December, January to March, and April to June. Prices will fluctuate based on the length of each term
  • Upon completing the application form and expect to hear from your facility’s Education Coordinator for assessment dates

swarm competitive

The Hive’s highest levels of our competitive youth teams are joined by selection only; base aptitude and dedicated focus must be demonstrated for eligibility. Youth climbers interested in joining the Swarm team must be climbing competently and be prepared to dedicate their time and energy to our rigorous training program.

To join, you must fill out an application online and come in for an in-person tryout at the end of the season in June.

Swarm competitive tiers

The Swarm has an annual intake for athletes; deadline for submissions is June 1 2021

The Swarm’s National and International tiers are integrated into one team, often training together and always acting as one team at competitions to support each other in achieving their best possible performance that day.

The following information is under review and the training schedule is not yet fixed; please contact Leor via for more information!


Swarm National:  

This program is the continuation of our existing structure for committed athletes looking to compete at a national level. National Swarm athletes will continue to train at both Vancouver (Monday & Thursday) and the North Shore (Wednesday & Saturday). Acceptance to this team is based on commitment level, dedication, performance, and abilities.

National Team Training Requirements:

  • Athletes are required to attend 3 of 4 potential practices per week.
  • National athletes will Tain with Christian & the International team on Wednesday & Saturday at the North Shore
  • Train with Team Manager and Assistant Coach in Vancouver, Monday & Thursday 
  • Strongly recommended to attend all local comps 
Swarm International:

The Swarm International is a small team, limited to 4-6 athletes. Acceptance to and continued participation in the International team is based on proven commitment, dedication, performance, and abilities.

International team training requirements:

  • Train primarily out of The Hive North Shore; no significant Vancouver practices (except for projecting)
  • Occasionally must travel to Hive Surrey for practice (for projecting)
  • Will train 4 (mandatory) days per week; may require additional training outside of coached practices
  • May train 3 days in a row (Tues, Wed, Thurs)
  • Must be committed to a full summer training plan (2020)
  • Will work directly with Christian Core on Tues & Thurs @ the North Shore
  • Local competition attendance to be determined depending on athlete goals and international comp schedule; will attend international competitions
Sample Practice Schedule:

Monday: Hsur, 5-8pm
Wednesday: VAN/HNS, 5-8pm
Thursday: HVAN 5-8pm
Saturday: HNS 8:30am-11Am

Sample Practice Schedule | International

Tuesday: HNS, 5-8pm
Wednesday: HNS, 5-8pm
Thursday: HNS 5-8pm
Saturday: HNS 9:30am-1pm


Christian was born and raised in Savona, Italy. He has spent 24 years as a member of the Italian National Team, where he won numerous Italian Championships, four Italian Cups, two World Cups, and was the Bouldering World Champion in 2003, just to name a few of his incredible achievements.

On top of being an immensely driven athlete, he is also a highly skilled climbing trainer, and coached the Italian Youth National Team for over 2 years.

Christian balances his love for training with climbing outdoors. He has established new boulders all over Italy including his most notable first ascent “Gioia” (rated V16/8C+) located in Varazze, Italy.

Looking to contact Christian? Drop him a line at

Leor Laniado
Team manager

Leor grew up on the West Coast, right here in Vancouver! She brings a diverse background in youth leadership and experiential education from her many summers leading the charge at Camp Miriam on Gabriola Island. For Leor, her priority in coaching is creating an environment that encourages athletes to develop a love for the sport.

When she is not coaching or climbing, you can find Leor eating an unusual number of energy bars, biking around town, swimming, listening to music, or hanging out in the forest.

Contact Leor:

Alistair Jensen

Alistair got hooked on climbing when he tried it for the first time at The Hive in 2014. Ever since he has been dedicated to practicing and studying climbing. To him, climbing is a combination of creative problem solving and physical challenge. In his coaching, Alistair values challenging yourself by trying hard things. To support that, he places a high emphasis on team culture, learning quality movement skills, fundamental strength training, and having a growth mindset. He was previously the Head Instructor of the Vancouver Hive location until he changed roles to make the Swarm team his sole focus.

Alistair graduated from the University of Victoria with a Recreation and Health Education degree in 2020. He is also a Certified Personal Trainer (ACE) and a certified Performance Enhancement Specialist (NASM). To add to his education, Alistair has also taken certification courses in performance climbing coaching, physical literacy, leadership, and more. 

Contact Alistair:

Emi Takashiba

Emi has been climbing since she was 4 years old! After she took her first climbing class, there was no going back to a life without climbing! At 10 years old, Emi joined her first competitive climbing team and throughout her eight years of competitive climbing, Emi has been a member of both the Youth and Senior National Teams, and has competed at numerous national and international level competitions. For Emi, coaching is about supporting athletes in enjoying the journey of their climbing development, as many of her own coaches have done for her. 

Lucas Uchida

Lucas is originally from Toronto, ON and brings over a decade of experience as a competitor representing Canada at a Junior and Senior level. As of summer of 2022 he has stepped back from competing and has turned his focus towards outdoor climbing – overcoming some of Canada’s hardest routes and boulders. Lucas brings many years of experience as a routesetter. He has set boulders and routes at a number of National and Provincial level events, and has a strong understanding of the competitive climbing community throughout Canada.

For Lucas, climbing is a huge part of his life. He has always prioritized contributing to the climbing community through different means, and pursued it for his own personal development and enjoyment. Lucas views coaching as a way to help others with their own personal development and a means to share his love of climbing.

Contact Lucas:

Competitive Climbing Director

Jeff comes to the Hive with an extensive background in high performance sport, more specifically Gymnastics. He was a very active coach producing several national champions while coaching both in private clubs as well as the Head Coach for the UBC Men and Women’s varsity gymnastics teams. In addition to coaching, he was a also a Lecturer in the School of Human Kinetics, teaching Movement Education, Developmental Gymnastics and Qualitative Analysis of Individual Sport and Dance.

While working at UBC Jeff was exposed to climbing on a small outdoor wall and was immediately hooked.  He has now been involved in climbing for over 27 years and is known mostly for his work developing new climbs in Squamish where he and his friend Glenn Payan developed hundreds of new climbs for others to enjoy. Doing things in the opposite direction to most, he then gravitated towards indoor climbing and it wasn’t long before he was approached to work with competitive climbers, specifically in the areas of strength and flexibility development.

Jeff is very excited to be working with The Hive in the development of a happy,  healthy, holistic competitive climbing program where all participants feel supported in striving to achieve their goals.

Looking to contact Jeff? Drop him a line at





swarm | high level


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