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Kids & Youth

Kids & Youth at the hive 

When can kids start climbing?

At The Hive, we believe that you are never too young to start climbing. Without the hassle of ropes and harnesses, bouldering is immediately accessible to kids of all ages and skill levels. Chances are good if you’re a parent looking at this page, they’re already climbing things at home, and you’re welcome to bring them into the bouldering gyms under your watchful supervision! If you want our team to take the lead, our recreational programs start at age 4.

Looking for a more structured climbing environment for kids who like to aim a little higher? Check out The Hive Heights for taller route climbing opportunities that do involve a bit more gear.


Youth under 16 need enough supervisors! Prevent disappointment and reduce wait time:


Family ‘Introduction To Bouldering’ course

at Hive PoCo in Fremont Village

Parents with kids aged 4–15 can learn how to climb together, covering climbing skills, risk management, and how to support each other during this exciting activity. 

I took the Family Intro to Bouldering Course with two of my kids and was really impressed. The course instructor was very knowledgeable, but more importantly, was very personable and able to teach the course in a way that was engaging for both kids and adults.

If you’re considering a whole-family activity, bouldering is hard to beat, and this is an excellent way to test the waters with the free membership period after the class. You won’t regret it.”

– Ben Robinson (course alumni)



The Hive is proud to offer a variety of climbing and learning opportunities. Whether new or experienced, your child will come away from our program having learned new skills and had a ton of fun!

Program Details


“It is obvious how much progress our kid made in the course of the first 6-7 classes. All that by having a ton of fun…”

– Program Parent (Anon.)


Hive camps AIM HIGHER:

The Hive is proud to offer climbing camps for youth with a range skills and abilities. Whether you’re just getting your feet wet, or exploring the upper realms of advanced climbing, we have something for you!

Join us for Pro-D/NI Days, and week long Spring and Summer Camps!

Private bookings

Looking for a more personalized approach? Private Lessons are a great way to get you working toward your goals!

Hive Instructors are here for you. When you want to fine tune your skills one to one, and have someone hold you to your goals, private lessons are a great solution. We also offer semi-private lessons so you and a couple friends can learn together.

Book a single private lesson to get a quick assessment of your climbing and training to make sure you are on the right track, or book a series of lessons for a more in-depth experience.

Discounts available for folks booking multiples sessions.



The Hive is the perfect place for an exciting birthday party for ages 6 and up! Each party is 2 hours long and includes a short introduction with warm-up games, a lesson in climbing and falling safely and climbing time tailored to suit the group.
Everybody loves to celebrate – make your happy birthday memories at The Hive this year.


Looking for an adult climbing party booking instead? Head over to the Groups page.

Waivers required! Must be signed by the parent or legal guardian if under 19 years of age.



Active, engaging, challenging and fun, a facilitator-lead program at The Hive will inspire youth to set and achieve their goals, strive for success, and cooperate as a team. Every program is based on experiential education principles and is tailored to your unique group. Our trained facilitators will lead participants through a progression of activities aimed toward achieving school curriculum and other group objectives.

Youth Climbing Teams

The hornets &
the Swarm

The Hive’s Youth Climbing teams expand on The Hive’s Youth Recreational Programs to take you to the next level! Climbers may apply for Hornets Recreational or Competitive Teams to explore such aspects of climbing as training, introduction to competition, personal projecting and goal setting in a supportive environment with a group of like-minded peers. 

Youth who show enthusiasm for competitive climbing, dedication to regular training, and are supportive team members may be invited to join the The Swarm – our highest level competitive youth team.

“The atmosphere and environment of the facility was very energetic and had a great vibe. Everyone in our group had a fantastic time and only positive things to say. We will be coming back and bringing more people in the near future.”

– Jamie, Co-Organizer David Thompson Outdoors Club 

Frequently Asked
Questions (FAQ)


How old must my child be to climb at the Hive?

You can bring a child of any age to the Hive provided they are supervised sufficiently throughout their sessions. The earlier a child starts climbing, the better! Youth under age 16 require onsite adult supervision unless Hive Certified through our free supervision certification program. Normal supervision ratios included below. Supervision ratios included below.

If our FAQ doesn’t answer your question, feel free to contact any location to get more information!
Vancouver: 604 683 4483 | North shore: 604 990 4483 | Surrey: 604 498 5460 | PoCo: 604 461 0104 | Heights: 604 874 2400 | | | |

In order to reduce the risk of injury, we have age-specific parent-to-child supervisory ratios. Parent:child ratios are as follows:

Up to and including age 5: 1:1

Parent/Guardian provides constant supervision. Child should be within arm’s reach of supervising adult at all times. Children in this age range are still developing awareness and ability to understand potential for harm. Supervisor may not climb.

Ages 6-8: 1:2

Parent/Guardian is required to remain within arms’ reach of both kids at all times; meaning the children must climb together; children under 9 may still be developing the cognitive ability to be mindful of people around them, which means parents must stay within arms reach to ensure a child, or children, do not wander into a fall zone. Supervisor may not climb.

Ages 9-12: 1:4

This age range requires a parent on the mats, with a clear line of sight to their child. Parent is not required to remain in arm’s reach while the children are climbing. Supervisor may not climb.

Ages 13-15: 1:4

Parents must be present and available in the facility, though are not required to be on the mats while the kids are climbing unless the children prove to be at increased risk of harm to themselves or others. Supervisor may climb.

If it’s your children’s first time at the gym, the parent or guardian of children 13-15 should be present with the children, at least for the first 1/2 of the session until the kids become familiar with the climbing gym environment.

Anyone under 16 must be accompanied by an adult 19 or older. Anyone 16 to 18 may climb unattended but must have their parent’s permission and signature on the Assumption of Risk and Responsibility Form (Waiver).

  • At the Hive a lot with your kids? Want to climb as a family? Take a free class with your child that certifies them to use the facility with reduced supervision. This class is perfect for kids who are on a climbing team, part of a climbing family, or just climb at the Hive a lot. The class takes approximately 40-60 minutes and requires advance booking. For more information or to book, please call the location where you would like to be certified!

No, it MUST be the child’s parent or legal, court appointed guardian. To avoid any inconvenience please have the parent complete the Agreement of Risk form online (click the “waiver” button in the top right corner of the website header), or feel free to print the form for BC or Winnipeg, have it signed prior to the youth’s first visit, and then bring it in with the climber. A teacher, grandparent, or another child’s parent(s) are NOT allowed to sign consent for anyone’s child other than their own, unless they are also the child’s legal guardian. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Appropriate active clothing is recommended: think stretchy! No skirts, dresses, or excessively baggy clothing please. Climbing shoes are available to rent for drop-in climbing, and are included with most youth programs. On occasion, size availability may be limited. All children may bring a pair of clean indoor shoes, ideally snug-fitting runners, as a backup.

This varies by location. The Hive offers dedicated kids’ space for your young ones to get comfortable on the wall before exploring our main gym area at Vancouver (520 Industrial Ave) and The North Shore (2270 Dollarton).  These rooms also act as teaching space for courses, birthdays and other youth programs and may sometimes be unavailable; feel free to give us a call to check.

Vancouver: 604 683 4483 | North shore: 604 990 4483 | Surrey: 604 498 5460 | PoCo: 604 461 0104
Winnipeg: 204 306 8113

Yes! For booked events and parties, The Hive can store your food and drink in our fridge/freezer.

Climbing without ropes, also known as bouldering, is an enjoyable activity well suited to children. To minimize the risks, which are similar to those of a playground structure, the Hive has a comprehensive flooring system which allows climbers to fall and land with reduced risk to the climber. All climbers are taught how to fall properly during a mandatory pre-climb orientation, and youth are supervised while climbing (by a parent or, in the case of Hive youth programs, by a qualified instructor). Effective spotting techniques can be taught to parents of young children, and may also be used to help timid and unsure climbers. The Hive does our best to reduce risk to climbers and spectators, however bouldering does entail inherent risk, detailed in our waiver.

A quarterly-ish email with program registration and event info:

Looking for funding for youth programs or camps?

The Hive is affiliated with a variety of supports for youth programming

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