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welcome to the Hive

“Everyone is a climber!”

The Hive’s King Worker Bee, Andrew Coffey, can often be heard proclaiming this with genuine enthusiasm, and it’s true… at some point in our lives, we’ve all felt the need to climb something; a tree, a ladder, perhaps the scramble from chair, to counter, to cookie-jar. Climbing is so much fun, and the feeling when you succeed is uncomparable.

Here at The Hive we aim to provide that feeling of accomplishment to everyone, no matter your age or ability. We know for many people, family comes first; with birthday parties, camps, after school programs, or just climb time, we aim to support full family fun and offer family pricing on memberships. Personal time is also important and we have lots of space, broad opening hours, and lots of amenities for you to look after you! Whether you’re looking for fitness, family time, friends, or just good old fun, you can find it at a Hive location near you.

In the beginning

Several years ago, in a galaxy not so far far away…

A passionate climber with an extensive background in Experiential Education, Andrew Coffey felt he could offer something to Vancouverites: a bouldering community. A place where people were excited to climb, train, socialize and share in the joys of climbing that had affected his life so deeply. 

Climbing, Education and Community were the pillars that Andrew wanted to build The Hive upon. He wanted The Hive to be a bustling centre of activity where everyone could feel welcome, and hoped they would join him in the healthy lifelong pursuit of climbing and movement.

the saga continues

The doors opened and Vancouver came flowing in. From a trickle to a torrent of climbers, The Hive community grew and grew and grew. On 5-star boulders, at awesome events, through countless fun times, the dream Andrew had of a thriving community space came true!

The Hive team have all been shaped by climbing and the impact our sport and our community have on everyone involved. We recognize today’s youth as both the future of climbing, and potential leaders of tomorrow, and are always working to offer the best youth programs in the industry.

The Hive will keep pushing the status quo, creating world class climbing facilities, always innovating and offering more to our community.  We also continue to contribute to our community beyond The Hive’s walls via fundraisers, community involvement and promoting stewardship in the world of outdoor climbing.

what is the hive?

A whole new approach to climbing inside.

The Hive strives to be a world class centre of activity. Our gyms host a comprehensive blend of bouldering gym, training facility and fitness centre. Our North Shore facility is home to our prAna Studio,  offering a mix of classes and workshops including yoga, pilates and conditioning. The Hive Heights at the end of Industrial Ave. is our only roped gym; check us out!

Climbing for all ages and experience levels.

Multiple climbing areas throughout our facilities allow for groups, classes, birthday parties, youth programs and the general public to share the walls, which in most locations vary in height from 10-18 feet. Multipurpose rooms offer booked groups a cozy space for gathering, and celebrating.

Your Climbing and Fitness Community

At The Hive, we believe you deserve the very best in climbing, fitness and customer service. It is our mission to make you feel at home in our community from the moment you walk through the door, whether you are brand new to climbing or have been climbing with us for years.

Owned and operated by climbers, we truly love our sport, and believe that everyone is a climber at heart. Remember when your mother told you, ‘get down off that!’? Here, we encourage you to climb the walls and believe you are never too old or too young to start climbing.

We are passionate about Climbing, Education, Community and Health & Wellness, and we’re excited to share that passion with you. The Hive is your climbing and fitness community.

“We wanted the best bouldering walls ever, with no compromises”

– Andrew Coffey, Owner & King Worker Bee

Meet The Worker Bees

The face, heart, and soul of The Hive

Our staff have all been positively affected by the climbing community in their own unique ways, and our shared love of climbing drives us to give back and share this joy with the world!

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