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Community - Ambassadors

The Hive ambassadors are psyched on both climbing and community building. These humans embody the Hive's pillars and values and we're proud to consider them part of the family.

Allow us to introduce:

Jeff Yoo

Instagram: @drjeffclimbs

Jeff started climbing at the late age of 25. He fell in love with the sport immediately and soon moved from Toronto to Vancouver to pursue his passion for climbing in the mountains, while training as an emergency physician. Even with a new addition to the family, Dr. Jeff is determined to continue pushing his limits in hard outdoor bouldering and sport-climbing. You can follow his ever-inspiring journey as Dr, Dad, and climber on IG.

Kate Hanniball

Instagram: @khanniball

Kate is originally from Salt Lake City, Utah but moved to Vancouver in 2015 to pursue her PhD in Clinical Forensic Psychology at Simon Fraser University. Currently her research focuses on violence prevention, psychological risk assessment, and psychopathic personality disorder. Climbing is what Kate does to balance it all out; she started climbing around 2013 and immediately fell in love with it. In joining the Hive Ambassadors team, Kate is super excited to push her climbing by working alongside seriously motivated teammates, with very talented coaches.  Although Kate mostly climbs outside and the majority of her goals pertain to high performance in this area, Kate says she is also excited to try her hand at (“and no doubt be humbled by”) competition climbing. Specific goals for these next couple years include sending her first 13d outside and taking her outdoor bouldering to the double digits.

Gillian Haigh
Team Captain

Instagram: @gill.haigh


Gillian Haigh is 22 years old and has been climbing for over ten years and competed through her youth across Canada and internationally. Originally hailing from Calgary Alberta, Gillian moved to Vancouver to attend school at Emily Carr University of art and design. Her goals for climbing include competing in the World Cup circuit, and to develop the opportunity for athletes in Vancouver and BC. Her favourite part of being a Hive Ambassador is being part of a community that she loves.

Allison Vest

Instagram: @allisonvest


Allison Vest has been competing since she was 10 years old. Growing up in the Rockies, in Canmore, Alberta, she was always inspired to climb harder and push her limits. Last year she placed second at both bouldering nationals and tour de bloc and routinely podium at local competitions. Recently Allison has been making her way through the World Cup circuit, and placing well!


In the coming years she hopes to continue to make an impact on the World Cup circuit, send hard on the rock, and finish her degree in Kinesiology at the University of British Columbia.

Alison Stewart-Patterson

Instagram: @alliestupat


Alison Stewart-Patterson (aka Speed) has been climbing for as long as she can remember. Being an active member of the climbing community has always been an asset to her life. Alison’s goals for the season is to motivate the community around her and train to the best of her ability to perform her best in the Squamish boulder fields. Alison currently holds the Canadian women’s Speed climbing record at 10.83 seconds!

Guian Gumpac

Instagram: @guian.gumpac


Guian was introduced to climbing at the age of 14 when he first arrived in Manitoba after immigrating from the Philippines. After 8 years spent as a mainstay at his home gym in Winnipeg, he decided to make the move to Vancouver to further pursue his dream of winning a World Cup. 


Apart from his time spent at The Hive, Guian also focuses his time as a computer science student at SFU.

Ben Hughes

Instagram: @benhughess


19 year old Ben Hughes was born and raised in beautiful Vancouver, BC, and has been climbing for just over 10 years. His primary focus is the thriving Canadian competition scene. Ben has been competing at the national level for close to a decade as well as representing Canada at the Youth World Championships in 2013. 


Although Ben enjoys competition climbing, there is no substitute for the real thing and he tries to get out to his home crags in Squamish as much as possible. On top of climbing, Ben is currently studying marketing at The British Columbia Institute of Technology, and enjoys running, cycling, and his dog Piper.

Andrew Funk

Instagram: @andrew__funk


Andrew has climbed for roughly half of his life, and at 20 years old has represented Canada on the World Stage multiple times as both a Youth and Adult competitor. 

After high school, a year of climbing outside resulted in multiple newsworthy ascents across the globe.


Andrew now studies Geological Engineering at the University of British Columbia, and is training hard to cement his reputation as a leading Canadian climber, both as an indoor competitor and outside on rock. If you made him choose, we’d wager real rock would win every time.

Kim McGrenre

Instagram: @kimstagraham.mcg

Kim grew up in Victoria, BC and learned to climb at her high school climbing gym. After moving to Vancouver in 2012 to complete her Masters degree she became obsessed with climbing outdoors. Though Squamish is Kim’s favourite place to climb, she loves travelling and has climbed all across North America with her husband Graham. She is motivated by projecting and enjoys routes that really challenge her. Kim climbed her first 5.14 in 2017, and one of her goals is to climb another in the coming seasons. She is very passionate about the climbing community and loves sharing the joy of climbing with others.

Graham McGrenre

Instagram: @kimstagraham.mcg

Graham has been climbing rocks for more than a decade. What began as an excuse to get to know his climber crush (now-wife!) Kim, soon evolved into a life-altering passion and obsession. In 2014, he moved into a van with Kim and the two of them hit the road, travelling around Canada, the USA, and Mexico for two-and-a-half of the next three years; more recently he and Kim went on a route development expedition in Armenia. Graham is motivated by pushing his limits and connecting with climbers in the community.  He is a sucker for fancy coffees, super bright clothing, and he has a soft spot for kitties. He is excited to train and grow with the ambassador team this year.

Jeff Thomson

Jeff comes to the Hive with an extensive background in high performance sport, more specifically Gymnastics. He was a very active coach producing several national champions while coaching both in private clubs as well as the Head Coach for the UBC Men and Women’s varsity gymnastics teams. In addition to coaching, he was a also a Lecturer in the School of Human Kinetics, teaching Movement Education, Developmental Gymnastics and Qualitative Analysis of Individual Sport and Dance. 

While working at UBC Jeff was exposed to climbing on a small outdoor wall and was immediately hooked. He has now been involved in climbing for over 27 years and is known mostly for his work developing new climbs in Squamish where he and his friend Glenn Payan developed hundreds of new climbs for others to enjoy. Doing things in the opposite direction to most, he then gravitated towards indoor climbing and it wasn’t long before he was approached to work with competitive climbers, specifically in the areas of strength and flexibility development.

Jeff is very excited to be working with The Hive in the development of a happy, healthy, holistic competitive climbing program where all participants feel supported in striving to achieve their goals.

Need to talk to Jeff? Drop him a line!



Christian Core

Christian was born and raised in Savona, Italy. He has spent 24 years as a member of the Italian National Team, where he won numerous Italian Championships, four Italian Cups, two World Cups, and was the Bouldering World Champion in 2003, just to name a few of his incredible achievements. Christian balances his love for training with climbing outdoors. He has established new boulders all over Italy including his most notable first ascent “Gioia” (rated V16/8C+) located in Varazze, Italy.

On top of being an immensely driven athlete, he is also a highly skilled climbing trainer and coached the Italian Youth National Team for over 2 years. Christian now coaches our competitive youth team, The Swarm, as well as our Ambassador team. If you’re looking to benefit from Christian’s vast experience and skills, you can check out our Training Club or contact him for a training plan and one on one coaching.

Need to talk to Christian? Ask him about a custom training plan!