Recreational Programs

Youth recreational programs

Fun, fitness, and learning!

The Hive offers a variety of programs to suit all ages. Young climbers will not only have fun exploring the fundamentals of climbing movement and athleticism, but also be guided to set meaningful goals, deal with success and failure, and discover the value of commitment and perseverance. All programs emphasize risk management, respect, climbing etiquette and a supportive group dynamic.


An active start program for our youngest climbers that also offers opportunities to connect with your kids…

Mini Bees is an instructor-lead program where children participate in a variety of activities including facilitated climbing, on-the wall activities, and group initiatives, while parents learn how to effectively support their children in the climbing environment.


Kids will build confidence and strength through fun and engaging climbing activities…

The Junior Bees program aims to foster a passion for climbing and a love of movement and physical activity through the exploration of bouldering. Appropriate for new or returning participants


Learn new techniques, set goals and explore challenges in a fun and cooperative environment.

The Inter Bees develop their climbing technique and explore goal-setting in a fun and cooperative environment. New and intermediate climbers will be challenged at their unique climbing level.


Your home base to explore climbing, have fun and challenge limitations…
Teens is a balanced program for learning and improving, while meeting, climbing and socializing with others. Focuses include solid foundational climbing skills as well as problem-solving, trust, teamwork and really good etiquette.


Building positive attitude towards training… Bridging the gap between Youth Recreational programs and the Competitive team, Hornets is a program for 9-16 year old kids with a strong drive to improve their climbing. Meeting twice a week for climbing & conditioning sessions. (regular sign up at HNS and invitation-only at HVan)

Home Learners

Experiential learning, fitness, socializing & fun!
This 8-week rock climbing course at The Hive Vancouver is designed for the home learners of Vancouver. Young climbers will explore the fundamentals of climbing movement and athleticism together, while also being guided to set meaningful goals, manage success and failure, and discover the value of commitment and perseverance.
Overall program goals include having fun, ample climbing practice, developing climbing skills, and building personal and social confidence through challenge and success.
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