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Recreational Programs

Youth recreational programs

Fun, fitness, and learning!

The Hive offers a variety of programs to suit all ages. Young climbers will not only have fun exploring the fundamentals of climbing movement and athleticism, but also be guided to set meaningful goals, deal with success and failure, and discover the value of commitment and perseverance. All programs emphasize risk management, respect, climbing etiquette and a supportive group dynamic.

Yes, programs include COVID-19 precautions
and may be altered for safety reasons

MINIS (4-5)

An active-start program for kids 4-5 years, also offering opportunities to connect with your kids…

Mini Bees is an instructor-lead program with a variety of activities including facilitated climbing, on-the wall activities, and group initiatives, while parents learn how to effectively support their children in the climbing environment.

Juniors (6-8)

Kids will build confidence and strength through fun and engaging climbing activities…

The Junior Bees program aims to foster a passion for climbing and a love of movement and physical activity through the exploration of bouldering. Appropriate for new or returning participants.

INTERS (9-12)

Learn new techniques, set goals and explore challenges in a fun and cooperative environment.

The Inter Bees develop their climbing technique and explore goal-setting in a fun and cooperative environment. New and intermediate climbers will be challenged at their unique climbing level.


Have fun, make friends, learn new skills and reach new heights in a all-female-identifying group setting.

Queen Bees will develop your fundamental climbing technique and you’ll learn how to push your limits in a friendly and supportive environment. Intermediate climbers will find individual challenges in a collaborative group setting focused on trying hard, having fun, and being yourself! Open to returning Youth Rec participants.

Teens (13-16)

Your home base to explore climbing, have fun and challenge limitations…

Teens is a balanced program for learning and improving, while climbing and socializing. Focuses include solid foundational climbing skills as well as problem-solving, trust, teamwork and gym etiquette.

Teens 2 (13-18)

Develop your existing climbing skills and begin to work on introductory conditioning and training for climbing. Climbers in this class will learn how to apply more advanced techniques on steeper and more challenging walls, and will work on their own individual projecting and climbing goals.

Please note: to join this class you must have taken at least one term of Teens 1, or have equivalent climbing experience from a different gym.

Currently only available at Hive Vancouver

Fundementaux de l’escalade

Description coming soon

**Currently only available at Hive Winnipeg; interested in BC? Contact Us.

Hornets (10-16)

Looking for the next step?

Bridging the gap between Youth Recreational programs and the Competitive team, Hornets is a program for youth ages 10-16 with a strong drive to improve their climbing with like minded peers and enthusiastic, experienced coaches.

*Hornets registration for the fall term 2019 is now closed. We’re currently accepting applications for  Winter 2020.

Home Learners

Experiential learning, fitness, socializing & fun!
This 8-week rock climbing course is designed for the home learners of Vancouver & The North Shore. Young climbers will explore the fundamentals of climbing movement and athleticism together, while also being guided to set meaningful goals, manage success and failure, and discover the value of commitment and perseverance.
Overall program goals include having fun, ample climbing practice, developing climbing skills, and building personal and social confidence through challenge and success.


Scoli Climbing club

The Scoli Climbing Club aims to develop a community that empowers individuals with scoliosis to be active and learn how to take care of their bodies as they move through life.

Climbing provides symmetrical strengthening of the whole body, increasing core activation and shoulder girdle stabilization.

While learning experience-appropriate climbing techniques, participants will have an opportunity to connect with others on the same journey in an active, fun setting. Call us at 604 498 5460 or click the button below for details.


Looking for funding for youth programs or camps?

The Hive is affiliated with KidSport BC and Sport Climbing BC​
Funds available
Each child is eligible to receive up to $500 per calendar year (January to December)
Basic Guidelines 
• Children ages 18 and under are eligible to apply for a grant 
• Grants of a maximum of $500 are to be used for the payment of sport participation/registration fees 
• Camps, equipment, lessons, travel to playoffs, fundraising, championships, etc. are not eligible expenses 
• Applications must be received prior to, or at the beginning of the requested season of sport 
• Sport activities must demonstrate a sustained sport experience (a season of sport led by a qualified coach) and the sport activity must be affiliated with the member sport organizations of Sport BC 
• Preference is given to first time applicants 
• Incomplete applications will be returned 
• Bullying and/or harassment of volunteers may result in immediate disapproval of your application

** Please note the hive is not a part of the kidsport BC funding application process, any questions or concerns should be directed to kidsport BC **




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