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Meet the Teachers

meet the teachers

Get connected to some of our favourite humans!

Each teacher at Hive Yoga and Fitness has been chosen for their unique training and experience. We are driven by a passion for inspiring people to move in many ways, which is why each of our instructors are certified to lead any number of yoga styles and fitness classes.

Our teachers also place importance on building a strong and flexible mindset, training our community to be ready for whatever life throws your way. Classes at the studio are all about functional movement, stress-relief and diversifying your training. Connect with one of  our open-minded, skilled instructors soon to support a balanced approach to training.

Rebecca Mckinnon
yoga, pilates & conditioning teacher
Bek hails all the way from New Brunswick and has been practicing yoga for 10 years. She is certified in Hatha, Vinyasa and classical Pilates. Currently, her practice and studies have taken a turn in the direction of movement—both functional and skill based. You can generally expect her classes to be dynamic and strong, with an emphasis on transitions and a hefty dose of playfulness.
Jacqui Willcocks
Yoga teacher

Jacqui Willcocks has been a teacher in the Vancouver community since 2011. She specializes in Hatha and Vinyasa yoga and believes deeply in the healing power of movement. She comes from a professional dance background and creates intelligent sequencing that to structure the class and allow the analytical mind rest. Her classes are warm, physically dynamic and designed with the intention of giving students the space to be themselves and cultivate body awareness and acceptance. She enjoys working with a diverse range of bodies and encourages students to come as they are. She is a mother of two children, an intuitive energy healer and poet bringing her diverse training and ability to hold space for growth and transformation to her classes.

Melanie Rae Birch
Yoga & Pilates Instructor

Melanie has been teaching globally for 20 years.  She is passionate about teaching people how to move their bodies and quiet their minds.  She holds multiple certifications and continues to study with teachers at home and abroad.  Melanie offers classes which are a balance of strength, flexibility, functional movement and mindfulness.  Melanie teaches public classes and private therapeutics, with the goal of making her students feel more at ease in their bodies and minds.  She lives on the North Shore with her husband, young son and frisky terrier.

Lianne Burrell
Hivefit instructor, R.Kin

Lianne is from the Maritimes where she did her BSc in Kinesiology from Dal. She has been coaching since 2010 and has coached everyone from the 4-year-old soccer player to the elite endurance athlete. When she isn’t teaching, she is found climbing, snow/splitboarding, or trail running. Lianne is a big believer in having a healthy dose of type 1 and 2 fun in the mountains, and enjoys getting people strong & resilient to get them out there as well.   

On instagram: @liannextraining
Shannon Cluff
yoga & movement teacher

Shannon has been teaching yoga, movement and Pilates since 2004 and comes to Hive Yoga with a background as a studio owner, manager and a business consultant. Upon joining the hive, Shannon added climbing into her movement routine and quickly understood why the rest of us are so hooked! Shannon’s playful attitude and contagious enthusiasm inspire us all to move more, in many ways, and it’s no surprise that her mission in life is “to inspire others to explore movement and mindfulness, and to make personal well-being an important top priority”. Catch a class with her soon at The Hive’s prAna Studio!

Matt Fernandes
Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Matt Believes that Yoga contains both discipline and softness.
It is a journey toward self-realization; uncovering one’s true Self and honoring the greatness within. Being a patient and humble teacher, who is attentive to the progress of each individual, he believes that each pose creates an opportunity to engage in internal stillness and tranquility. Matt holds space for every student so they may feel supported and safe throughout their practice, during movements that offer physical challenges, and experiences that range from playful to powerful and emotional.
Matt is so cool!


Alicia Graham
yoga & acro teacher
Alicia is a yogi, dancer, and counseling student who believes our capacity to change is directly correlated to our willingness to connect. Her classes focus on alignment and integration while finding the balance between strength and flexibility. Alicia completed her 200-hr YTT with Vancouver School of Yoga and has been practicing since 2005. She completed her teacher training in Partner Acrobatics in 2014. You can find her in the studio rolling around on the floor and climbing her friends.
Find Alicia in the insta-world: @aliciadoesallthethings
yoga & acro teacher
Jeff found both yoga and bouldering in his home town of Halifax. Since moving to Vancouver in 2013, Jeff has plunged into full time yoga teaching and learning, the cornerstone for how he moves, breathes, and is. With almost 1000 hours of teacher training, Jeff brings calm, strong, and safe movement to the practice. The breath and mindfulness fuel his explorations of dance, contact improv, acroyoga, clowning and climbing, and these passions are infused in his teaching.
Find Jeff in the world: @jeffboydyoga
Jason Lee
Yoga teacher
After practicing Power Yoga for many years, Jason discovered traditional Ashtanga at the Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Toronto in 2011. Under his teacher David Robson, Jason has completed 3 immersions, including the Primary and Intermediate series. He is currently learning Third series. Jason continues to find inspiration by practicing under senior teachers, however his biggest inspiration is seeing achievement through humility in his students and through his own practice. When Jason isn’t practicing, teaching, or napping, he’s outside climbing.
Hillary Mastrodicasa
Yoga & conditioning teacher
Hillary has been a student of movement for as long as she can remember. Classically trained as a ballerina, she soon moved to more modern types of dance where she felt she could be more creative with her movement. Upon discovering yoga in 2013 while living in Peru, she again took a classical approach to her learning and completed a 200-hour Hatha Teacher Training in India. ​Her approach to yoga draws on the relationship between tradition and creativity; incorporating alignment and breath into a strength based, very playful movement practice.
Karen Kobel
Pilates teacher
Karen has been dancing for the past 30 years, teaching for the past 17 years and performing for various artists. She is a STOTT certified Pilates instructor and a Simonson certified dance instructor as well as CI Training certified instructor.
If we had to describe Karen in one word, the word of the day would be vivacious.
Wendy Issa
Yoga teacher

Born and raised in Ecuador, Wendy started her Yoga Practice back in her hometown in 2010. She took her first YTT in 2012 in Costa Rica with Ashley Ludman. Since then she has expanded her range of teaching studying under the umbrella of teachers like Sri Dharma Mittra, Leslie Kaminoff, Seane Corn, Shiva Rea, Susan Hately, and Eion Finn. Wendy’s style of teaching is based on creating a safe place to explore your body, mind, and soul with a mindful practice guided with a combination of asana, pranayama, alignment, adjustments, and meditation.

Linda Doan
HiveFit Teacher

Linda believes that variety is the spice of life and is constantly challenging herself in new ways through different forms of movement. As a certified Personal Trainer there is nothing she loves more than dabbling in different disciplines such as Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, Jiu-Jitsu and Yoga. She specializes in strength and conditioning and has been teaching classes since 2013. When she’s not dropping weights in her garage or learning how to swim at the community centre, you can catch her watching an MMA fight on her couch at home.

Alex Hughes
Yoga & pilates teacher
Alex is an experienced Hatha Yoga teacher with over 11,000 hours of leading public classes under her belt. She is also trained in Mat Pilates, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Children’s Yoga. Her classes offer an open and inclusive vibe for newcomers and those growing their practice. You might laugh, you might feel things you’re not used to, in any case you’ll leave class feeling stronger, stretchier and delightfully vibrant.


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