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The Hive is proud to offer Climbing Courses for people of all skills and abilities. Whether you’re just getting your feet wet, or exploring the upper realms of advanced climbing, we have something for you!

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Introduction To Bouldering & Climbing

New to climbing? Check out our Introduction to Bouldering Course or Introduction to Climbing Course (@ The Heights Only)
This short and sweet course is a great way to get started and build confidence. 

Includes your 2-hour course, a 2 week multi-gym membership, & rentals for the duration!

Interested in learning more? Book Fundamentals or Women In Bouldering within a year of your Intro, and get 15% off either course.

Women+ Intro

Designed with beginners in mind, this two-hour course focuses on teaching you the essential basic climbing techniques. Led by experienced instructors who are passionate about creating a welcoming environment, this course will equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to start your climbing journey on the right foot.

Topics covered include: risk-reducing climbing practices, basic balance and movement, basic hand and foot techniques, sequencing and strategy, and general climbing tips and tricks.

Fundamentals of Climbing

Our Fundamentals of Climbing course will get you started off on the right foot (or is it the left foot… take this course and find out)

Includes membership for the duration. Discounted for existing members.

Fundamentals of climbing 2

This 4 week course at our Vancouver location involves two hours of instruction, one day a week, for a period of four consecutive weeks. Topics covered include: advance techniques paired with different terrains in the gym, and includes body tension, balance, dynamic climb (Dynos!!!) and projecting. These topics will be covered in depth, and will be accompanied by feedback and improvement strategies. Participants are encouraged to climb between sessions to work on aspects recommended by their instructors.

Includes membership for the duration and discounted for existing members.

Women in Bouldering


Women in Bouldering is a great place to explore and increase your strength and technique in a supportive, female-identifying group.

Next Hex

What is your motivation for climbing? Have you reached a plateau? 

This course is for the climber that is committed to improving even if that means swapping some play days with training days.

This four week course will meet twice a week and will involve multiple aspects of training.



Looking for a more personalized approach?

Hive Instructors are here for you. When you want to fine tune your skills one to one, and have someone hold you to your goals, private lessons are a great solution. We also offer semi-private lessons so you and your accountability-buddy can learn together, and save a little cash too. Book today!

Discounted rates for members, and folks booking multiple sessions. 5+ sessions, get 10%off, 10+ sessions get 15% off.


lead climbing course


Have you been top roping for a while and are looking for a new challenge? Well, the lead course may be for you.

The new 2-day format is designed to teach and perfect your lead climbing skills. We will be learning how to lead belay, clip quickdraws, and manage risk in a gym environment. Click below to see more details on prerequisites.

Rise and Climb,

Climb and Train

Start your day by joining one of Hive Heights’ most popular courses!

‘Rise and Climb’ and ‘Climb and Train’ are early morning training classes, designed by Anne-Marie Comte for climbers of all abilities.
Climbers can learn how to respond to climbing problems and challenges, persevere, and enjoy the blissfulness of moving on the rock. The goal is to give climbers as much technical and mental climbing knowledge as possible, working with them to reach their full potential.

Climb Smart

Climbing is going well and you’re thinking about training, but don’t actually know what to do? This course will give you the tools to train harder and the skills for injury prevention, with a group of like-minded individuals.


Pushing the limits of your abilities on the toughest problems, and looking to dial in your training with like-minded climbers?

Join coach Christian Core for our most intensive climbing & training course. Christian spent 24 years on the Italian Climbing Team, successfully winning National, European and World Championship medals. Let him take you to the next level, book today!


For experienced climbers looking to take training to another level on their own time, Christian Core can work with you and build a personalized training plan to help you reach your goals.
Start a conversation about your climbing goals!

Contact Christian:


In these facilitated climbing sessions, you’ll receive guidance to support your mental health through climbing. Topics include engaging with anxiety, noticing & avoiding burnout, fostering self-compassion and moving with mindfulness. 

Each session of a therapeutic climbing program should address specific topics considered relevant for mitigating mental health problems. The format of a bouldering psychotherapy group study began with a mindfulness exercise, followed by the presentation of the topic of the session, two bouldering exercises, and they

were designed to evoke underlying emotions and behaviours, in which the therapists could

support and enable them to take part in new experiences (Luttenberg, 2022). After the

10-week bouldering psychotherapy group, participants had significantly improved symptoms

of anxiety, interpersonal sensitivity, as well as positive health-related qualities of life

including coping skills, positive body image, self-efficacy, and self-esteem.


In these facilitated climbing sessions, you’ll receive guidance to support your mental health through climbing. Topics include engaging with anxiety, noticing & avoiding burnout, fostering self-compassion and moving with mindfulness. 

All therapeutic climbing sessions are facilitated by Graham Haber. Graham is nearing the end of his Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology at UBC and is offering free group and individual counselling for his practicum. Graham is also a passionate climber, Hive instructor, and is certified in therapeutic climbing from the institute for therapeutic climbing in Austria.

Each of 6 topics will be available as separate sessions, at no added cost to members & guests at The Hive North Shore. These sessions are first come first serve – click the button to learn more and book your spot!

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