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something for everyone

Whether you’re just looking to try bouldering, want flexible access as an occasional guest, or plan to climb a lot and are ready for a membership, we have options for you (and your family). If it’s your first time climbing with us, please note the ‘New Visitors’ section below for important information.


Adults 19+ must read and sign their own waiver. Youth under 19 must have their own parent or legal guardian sign their waiver in advance of the visit or on-site for the first visit. Youth 15 and under require on-site parental supervision. Ratios & expectations below.


Save around 10 minutes by reading and signing your documents online before your first visit!  Click that green ‘waiver’ button in the top right corner.

Celebrating our 12th birthday

March 1-31, 2024

Get in on our EFT Membership with no Initiation Fee! Save $99 when you sign up between March 1-31, 2024.

Remember, your membership pricing stays locked in at your sign up rate with no annual increase until you cancel.

BC bouldering & fitness rates

rates effective january 2, 2024 
New & Occasional Visitors
Adult Membership Options
  • 1-Month Bouldering Membership 180
  • 1-Month Ultimate Membership 190
  • Annual Bouldering Membership 1225

    Includes 2 free day passes & monthly First-time Pass for new visitors.

  • Annual Ultimate Membership 1525

    Includes 2 free day passes & monthly First-time Pass for new visitors.

  • Initiation Fee for EFT Memberships 99
  • Monthly Bouldering Membership (EFT) 130/mo
  • Monthly Ultimate Membership (EFT) 155/mo
Youth Membership Options
  • 1-Month Youth Ultimate (0-5) 50
  • 1-Month Youth Ultimate (6-17) 85
  • Youth Annual Ultimate Membership (0-5) 275
  • Youth Annual Ultimate Membership (6-17) 500
Student Pricing
post secondary
  • Student Term Bouldering Membership 435

    4-month Membership. See "Fine Print" section below.

  • Student Term Ultimate Membership 499

    4-month Membership. See "Fine Print" section below.

  • Student Monthly Bouldering Membership 116.99/mo*

    Ongoing Monthly payments. *Requires $99 Initiation fee plus prorated dues at the time of sign-up.

  • Prepaid Membership Discounts 10% off

    See "Fine Print" section below.

  • Student Days 1/2 price drop-in

    1st Monday of every month: 1/2 off a regular day pass (requires proof of enrolment)

Member benefits

Beyond an amazing collection of people and climbing, there are a few more perks:
  • Discount on all retail items, including; chalk, climbing shoes, guide books, crash pads, food & drink
  • Education Deals:
    • Recieve 50% on MOST Hive Courses at locations where your membership is valid*
    • Complimentary talks, workshops & clinics
  • 4 Member Guest Passes per month (bring friends for FREE)
    • Only first-time Hivers are eligible to use a guest pass
    • Includes shoe rental
    • Member Guest Passes automatically expire/renew on the 1st of each month
    • NOT included with W.O.W membership
  • EFT & Annual Members (only): Receive 2 punch passes at the time of purchase (no expiry)
  • Annual Members (only): Receive loyalty discount for renewing your adult memberships
    • 5% off (2nd year), 10% off (3rd year), 15% off (4th year), 20% off (5th year onwards)
Note: most benefits do not apply to w.o.w. members, however retail discounts do apply
*Some restrictions apply to bouldering-only members booking courses at Hive Heights. Please speak to Hive Heights Customer Service staff for details.



Hive Bouldering Membership (bouldering only)
  • Access to ALL bouldering locations (Vancouver, North Shore, Surrey, Port Coquitlam, Winnipeg)
  • Access to all Hive Studio classes at the Hive North Shore
  • Discounted day-pass for Hive Heights (or choose to upgrade to Hive Ultimate Membership)
  • Member benefits (see above section)
Hive Ultimate Membership (bouldering & ropes) 
  • Access to Hive Heights (our rope climbing facility)
  • Access to ALL bouldering locations (Vancouver, North Shore, Surrey, Port Coquitlam, Winnipeg)
  • Access to all Hive Studio classes at the Hive North Shore
  • Member benefits (see above section) include course discounts at ANY Hive location


Prepaid Membership (one month & annual)
  • One-time payment
  • Leaving town? Transfer membership to someone else for a $5 transfer fee
  • Includes all standard Membership Benefits
  • Annual Member Benefit (only): Receive 2 punch passes at the time of purchase, and discounts for renewing
Ongoing Monthly (EFT) Membership
  • Initiation fee + prorated monthly amount, to be paid on the first day of sign-up
  • On-going monthly payments to be billed on the first of each month
  • Rate locked-in until you decide to cancel
  • Freeze for up to 4 months per calendar year (consecutive months, or separate), for $10+tax per month
  • Cancel at any-time by emailing us before the first of the month (free of charge)
  • Must have a credit card to set-up monthly payments
  • Includes all standard Membership Benefits
  • EFT Member Benefit (only): Receive 2 punch passes at the time of purchase
Student Memberships
  • Receive 10% off prepaid adult memberships (18+ years)
  • Must show current, online digital proof of student status; valid proof includes:
    enrolment letter with a date, current class schedule
  • Proof of student status will be required annually – we will email you regarding this or you can speak with staff proactively
  • Student Term Membership (4-month): Only available in January, September, May. Prices are not prorated, for logistical reasons, so get it on the 1st to maximize climb time & value.
Youth Memberships
  • Available for 0-17 years old
  • All Youth Membership include Ultimate Access, and complimentary shoe rental for each visit (their feet grow so fast and shoes are not cheap)
  • Strict Supervision Ratios in place – see Youth FAQs for more information
  • Must have a valid Youth AOR completed by a parent or legal guardian in order to participate
Family Rate
  • To be eligible you must purchase memberships for one adult (18+ years) and one child (0-16 years)
  • Prepaid Memberships: 
    • Receive 15% off the regular prepaid rates
  • EFT Memberships:
    • Adult receives 10% off the regular rate
    • Each youth on your plan is $30+tax per month
  • Discounts do not apply to the EFT Initiation Fee
BCMC Members

Available at The Hive Vancouver, The Hive North Shore, The Hive Surrey, The Hive Poco, and The Hive Heights: BCMC members purchasing a one-month pre-paid membership or signing up for an Ongoing Monthly Membership (EFT) get one bonus punch pass to bring a friend; BCMC members purchasing a pre-paid annual membership get two extra weeks to be added at the time of purchase on their Hive account. Proof of valid membership required at time of purchase. Offer good through December 31, 2023. 


All prices are subject to GST. Rentals are subject to GST and PST.

10-Punch pass has no expiry and can be used for all facility offerings at that location (climbing, studio, fitness).

*** To cancel an EFT Membership, please email the management at your home location (below). Written notice must be received minimum 24 hours prior to billing date (1st of each month) although more notice is deeply appreciated.
Email Vancouver | North Shore | Surrey | PoCo | Heights | Winnipeg

Mandatory Orientation for New Visitors

Every first-time visitor to The Hive is required to attend an orientation & fall assessment prior to climbing. The focus of this session is on proper falling technique, general risk management, etiquette, and rules of the gym. 

Please note well:
The falling techniques and other information covered in our orientation are specific to The Hive’s indoor environment and may not be applicable or effective when bouldering outdoors. All first time visitors to the Hive must read and complete a facility waiver – this orientation is not a suitable replacement for learning to boulder and fall safely outdoors.

Please read the rules for kids & youth in the gym!


no time like the present

To give them something special!

What do you get someone who has everything? Someone who loves climbing and fitness? Someone you want to be healthy and happy?

  • GIFT CARDS – Good for all locations, available in in any denomination. Just click the button below!
  • PUNCH PASSES AND MEMBERSHIP – Yes, you can purchase these in gym for someone else, we’ll just need their name, email, phone number, and birthdate.
  • RETAIL ITEMS – We have a great selection of guidebooks, apparel, climbing shoes, and other supplies to feed their healthy habit!



Under 19: Parent or Guardian signature required. All climbers under the age of 19 years must have the signature of a parent or legal guardian stating that they understand the risks of bouldering, and assume responsibility for their youth.

In order to reduce the risk of injury, we have specific parent-to-child supervisory ratios, depending on the age of the children. Parent:child ratios are as follows:

Parent/Guardian provides constant supervision and may not climb. Child must be within arm’s reach of supervising adult at all times. Children in this age range are still developing spatial awareness and the ability to understand potential for harm.

Parent/Guardian is required to remain within arms’ reach of both children at all times, meaning the children must climb together. Supervising parent/guardian may not climb. Children under 10 may still be developing the cognitive ability to be mindful of people around them, which means the supervisor must stay within arms reach to ensure children do not wander into a fall zone.

This age range requires a parent/guardian on the mats within sight and ready to support. The parent/guardian is not required to remain in arms reach, but may not climb while supervising.

Parents must be present and available in the facility, but are not required to be on the mats while the youth are climbing unless the children prove to be at increased risk of harm to themselves or others.

If it’s your children’s first time at the gym, the parent or guardian of the children 13-15 should be present with the youth for the start of the session until the kids become familiar with the climbing gym environment and its risks.

Youth may climb without adult supervision, as long as they are able to behave appropriately as a positive part of the community.

The Hive reserves the right to require additional supervision of youth who prove incapable of responsible behaviour on their own. Such decisions will be made in good faith.

If you have questions please contact your nearest location via the form below and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Looking for funding for youth?

The Hive is affiliated with a variety of supports for youth programming

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