Proof of 2x Vaccination required (all locations)   |   Heights & Vancouver require a booking (click location to book)

Getting Started

Never Climbed Before?

First off, it’s important to note that although we are now open, booking is required for all climbers due to the restrictions on capacity related to COVID-19 spread prevention. You can read more about protocols, facility use and bookings here.

The Hive is the best place to learn! Here at The Hive we believe that everyone is a climber. We know that every single one of you has climbed something, somewhere, at some stage in your life. Maybe it was to get a cookie from the jar, maybe it was a tree to get a stuck frisbee, maybe it was a ladder to hang a picture. Regardless, if you’ve never been rock climbing before, we can help.

Check out our Welcome One Week or Intro to Bouldering for great deals to set you off on the right (left?) foot.

Everyone needs one: Fill out your NEW facility waiver online (Updated August 2021)

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“ I started bouldering at the Hive about a year ago and my membership has been a highlight of 2020! The staff members and community there are great and so welcoming- everyone is friendly and willing to offer tips or beta if you’re ever stuck on a problem. I love the variety of problems and walls across the different gyms; there’s always a route that meets your needs, whether you’re looking for a challenge or confidence boost. 

I want to sincerely thank all the hard-working staff who have managed to keep the gyms open through most of the pandemic. Having this outlet has really helped me (and others, I’m sure!) get through 2020.”

– Jenny (surname omitted by request) 


Welcome One Week

This is the deal to get you started if you really want to get a feel for The Hive and Your Climbing Community. 7 Days of unlimited climbing across all Hive locations, rentals included.

Just $50 | Drop in Today!

Intro To Bouldering

Better Boulder Basics

You’ll be on the fast track to happy climbing with this two hour course on key techniques and bouldering gym etiquette.
Included 2 weeks unlimited climbing with rentals. 

$75 | max 6 spots/course (may be reduced during COVID restrictions)
Register at a gym near you.


Hive titanic wall

Bouldering Explained

Never climbed before?

Bouldering is one of the best and easiest ways to start climbing: no ropes, no harnesses, no partner? no problem. All the fun of climbing, easy to access, and we offer Vancouver’s most supportive community and most comprehensive range of training and development programs. We encourage all new climbers to take our Introduction to Bouldering lesson; a two-hour class that covers all the basics of climbing, how to fall in order to reduce risk of injury as much as possible, essential tips and tricks to get you started and primed for success, and includes two weeks of membership to practice what you’ve learned!

Before you participate in any climbing activities with The Hive, please review and complete our waiver. You can save some time on arrival if you review and complete the waiver online, in advance.

Colour Coded Bouldering Problems

Boulder problems can change direction, traverse across the wall and overlap other problems, so The Hive uses a colour coded system to keep route-finding easy. We set each problem with the same colour of hand holds and foot holds from the start to the end. Start markers are placed at the beginning of each boulder problem that states the difficulty and hold colour, and their placement indicates starting handholds.

Hex Grading System

1 Hex Blue — V0


2 Hex Red — V0-V2


3 Hex Yellow — V2-V4


4 Hex Purple — V4-V6


5 Hex Orange — V6-V8


6 Hex Green — V8-VH

Youth need supervision while climbing!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, we have several precautions in place including regular cleaning, mandatory masks at all times in the facility, & capacity restrictions which require climbers to book in advance – this maintains our list of all facility users by time and date, for tracing purposes. There is quite a bit more information on the COVID-19 rules, etiquette, and precautions in the gym HERE.

Yes, starting June 15, 2020 bookings will allow new and occasional climbers to purchase a day pass and book their climbing time. All climbs must be booked before arrival, but if there’s a free spot you can book it right up until a few minutes before that time slot begins.

Before you arrive, make sure you complete your waiver (see the top right corner of this page) and read the rules about climbing during COVID-19 precautions here so you’re ready for check-in and orientation once your climbing time begins.

No, your parent or legal guardian must complete the waiver on your behalf prior to being allowed to climb or use the facility. Legally, you must be 19 to sign your own waiver in BC.

A person who’s not a parent can become a guardian by a court order or under a will.

See BC Family Law for more information.

  • Vancouver: Depending on where you’re coming from, Buses 3, 8, & 19 stop near the end of Industrial Ave. Skytrain is also an excellent option as we’re about a 10 minute walk from Main Street (Science World) Station.
    Google Map It: 520 Industrial Ave v6a 2p3
  • North Shore: Transit to our North Shore location from anywhere other than Deep Cove requires a change at Phibbs Exchange at bay 6, to the 212 or 215; a lot of folks prefer to just walk from Phibbs. (About a 15 minute walk: go under the bridge and head east along Dollarton Highway; when you see Starbucks and Stongs on your left you’re close. It’s the next set of buildings once you cross Riverside, just beyond the Arc’teryx Head Office)
    Google Map It: 140 2270 Dollarton Highway V7H 1A8
  • Surrey: Skytrain or bus to Scott Road Station and walk less than 10 minutes to get to Hive Surrey! Take the south exit from the station and walk under the skytrain through the parking lots heading west. You will see signs for FunPark as well as The Hive as there is a shared entrance into the building; we’re through the main doors then to the right.
    Note: Make sure you’re not heading across King George! (That way lies much more confusion and unsafe highway crossing to get back to the Hive/FunZone building.)
    Google Map It: 101B-1125 124th Street v3v 4v2 
  • POCO: Nearest Skytrain Station is Coquitlam Central. Bus 171 to Fremont.
    Google Map It: 145 815 Village Drive, Fremont Village, Port Coquitlam V3B 0G9

The number of people in the gym varies from day to day, but generally speaking evenings and morning through mid day on the weekends. Hive Vancouver is the busiest location, and especially weeknights 5-10pm.

All you need are climbing shoes and a chalk bag. If you don’t have your own, you can rent them from us!

No problem! You can easily climb on your own at the hive. Bouldering is also a very social activity – you will meet people to climb with in no time!

Nope! Bouldering is beautifully simple when it comes to gear. There are no ropes in bouldering and no need for a belayer; the walls don’t go nearly as high as in a roped gym. On your first visit we will show you how to manage risk while climbing and falling during our Fall Assessment and Orientation.

Please read our guidelines and supervision ratios for guests under 16, and note that anyone under 19 needs their Youth Agreement of Risk (AOR) read and signed by a parent or legal guardian. Supervisors must also read and sign an adult waiver prior their dependants climbing; we recommend doing this prior to arrival at the facility to maximize climb-time.

Absolutely! Bouldering is a great way to focus on technique, or work on building strength. We have a wide variety of terrain for beginners and intermediate climbers including slightly overhanging terrain, vertical walls and easier slab areas.

No problem whatsoever. At the Hive you can always choose how high you go, and how you want to get down. Our beginner areas help keep you learning and exploring!

Absolutely not! Bouldering is for everyone. At the Hive, we offer novices enough easier and more vertical terrain for anyone to get started on. The Hive is friendly, non-competitive, and supportive – that’s how we climb!

Yes, as is all climbing! Bouldering is often considered a specialized form of climbing with a high degree of difficulty. However, this is generally determined by the outdoor rock’s natural features, and at the Hive, we have improved on nature to offer a fun and challenging environment for both seasoned vets and first-timers to stay fit and active.

Definitely not to start. Although often the perception, climbing is more about pushing yourself up the wall with your much stronger leg muscles while using your hands for balance. More difficult climbing often requires a lot of upper body strength, but adopting a “feet first” approach is generally preferred. Regardless, you will quickly begin to develop much greater upper body strength just by climbing more.

The Orientation and Fall Assessment are a mandatory step before climbing at any Hive location. We’ll give you a location-specific orientation of the facility including risks on site and how to fall in the gym to best reduce the risk of injury.

Climbing is a sport that comes with inherent danger, and we want to provide our guests with the tools to properly assess risk on their own, empowering them to make informed decisions when it comes to accepting risk. The fall assessment covers the most appropriate way to fall in our facility, to reduce the risk of injury as much as possible — we consider it comparable to a belay test at a roped climbing gym. 

Find Your Course

Looking to Build your Skills? Whether you’re climbing for the first time, or you’ve been climbing for years, The Hive has the right course for you. Check out the course calendar to see what’s coming up at a gym near you.




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