to manage capacity, Bookings required at Hive Vancouver & Hive Heights

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COVID-19 Updates

Status Updates

Thank you again to everyone who took the time to provide feedback through our chalk survey. We received over 1600 responses, and it has taken some time to read through all of your written responses (while still doing all the work required to keep the gyms running smoothly).


Surprisingly (to us), we actually received a lot of support for liquid chalk-only, mainly on the basis of air quality and staff health. We are also listening to the array of challenges liquid chalk brings, and understand the desire by many to go back to chalk balls.


Any decisions that we make regarding chalk use will come with compromise for some of our community, so it is our duty to weigh all aspects thoroughly. Between now and mid September, our team will be discussing the following points:

  • How we could make liquid chalk more affordable
  • The challenges and potential solutions around using liquid chalk or chalk balls
  • The benefits we have seen to air quality (we are in contact with a couple of professors at UBC to discuss this from a professional, outside viewpoint)
  • The constructive suggestions for potential solutions some folks offered
  • Other important concerns you shared, such as health conditions, impacts on holds, environmental considerations, and of course your climbing experiences with liquid chalk over the last couple of years.


We want to take a moment to share our appreciation for our supportive front of house team – this decision affects them greatly, not only as staff but as climbers, too, with their own unique experiences and challenges.


We wish this could be handled more quickly but we hope you understand that we care a lot about how our staff and climbers feel in the gyms, and this is not a decision we are taking lightly. Until then, we would like to thank you, our community, for your patience and for treating our team with kindness throughout this process.


A very conflicted Management Team (who are also climbers)

Dear Hive Guests and Members,

As you may have already heard, due to lowered hospitalization and transmission rates the B.C. government has lifted the restriction of mandatory masks in public places effective first thing Friday, March 11, 2022.

While we are excited that this relaxation is a sign of the ‘return to normal’ that we have been longing for, we recognize that many folks may also be feeling uncomfortable or nervous due to a multitude of very valid reasons, and might prefer that the mask mandate remain in place. After living with masks as part of our daily lives for over 2 years now, for many this change feels like it’s happening abruptly. To allow our staff team a little time to make the necessary changes and for everyone to adapt, we will continue to require masks for everyone in our facilities until the end of day Sunday, March 13.

Beginning Monday, March 14, masks will be optional at all BC Hive facilities for staff and guests; we encourage those who feel most comfortable wearing a mask to continue doing so while climbing or working out.

As we share space in the gyms, please keep in mind that not everyone is going to feel as you do (excited, nervous, perhaps both or neither). We expect our community to be respectful and considerate of each other regarding individual choices around mask wearing.

As we have since the beginning of the pandemic, we will continue to follow government mandates. Pending any further changes subsequent to the March 10 announcement, Proof of Vaccination will no longer be required as of April 8, 2022.

We hope that this transition goes smoothly and believe that we, as a community, can remain kind and supportive to one another despite some differing and difficult feelings, as we share this pursuit we all love.

As per the Feb 15 announcement by Dr Bonnie Henry, “starting February 16 at 11:59 pm, many restrictions will be eased. With proof of vaccination and masks remaining in place, many activities can return to normal.”

What this means for The Hive in BC:
  • Masks and Vaccine Checks remain in place across all BC Hive locations.


  • Hive Heights and Hive Vancouver retain a booking system for members and punch users up to and including Feb 28. Guest bookings will reopen for sessions starting March 1; all bookings continue to open one week in advance of the session date/time. Climbers at these two locations will see gradually increased capacity over the coming weeks.

    Please Note: The maintenance of the booking system is to manage a pre-pandemic capacity issue. Those who remember climbing during peak hours at Hive Vancouver will recall that even when we implemented ‘Member Only Hours’ the gym was still extremely busy; the booking system is the best way we’ve found to manage the risks associated with this issue as fairly as possible.

  • As of Thursday Feb 17, 2022:  Hive Poco, Surrey, and North Shore will no longer require bookings. 
    • Please see google or and click on your location of choice to check hours of operation 
    • If you had a booking, you no longer need it.
    • If you couldn’t get a booking, now you may come climbing anyhow.


  • North Shore Studio classes will see a capacity increase. We still recommend booking, and ask that if you cannot attend, that you cancel and allow others to use that spot.


  • Of course, we continue to encourage you to stay home if you’re not well, practice top-notch hand hygiene, and wipe down shared workout equipment when you’re done using an item.


  • Last but not least, please be compassionate and considerate with those whose comfort levels appear different from yours; we’re all adjusting as best we can, and everyone’s situation is different.

Dear Hive Climbers,

Starting February 7, guests will once again be able to book their climb time at our North Shore, Surrey, and Poco locations for sessions beginning February 14. Please note, Vancouver and Heights will remain members and punch pass users ONLY for the time being, and until further notice. See Jan 6 update below for further details regarding access to the two Industrial Ave gyms.

Dear Hive Climbers,

We are currently experiencing a significant staff shortage due to the spread of the new Omicron variant.   While we have not yet hit a critical point, we are very close to the edge, and we are acting in advance to ensure we can remain open over the next little while.

In anticipation of increasing caseloads and subsequent absenteeism, we are preemptively making the following changes to our operations, which will take effect starting on Thursday January 13th, 2022:

  • Members and Punch Card Holders Only:  We are restricting access to those who are members or punch card holders.  This helps us reduce the number of staff we require at any given time.  We will be open to those who are looking to renew their membership, or purchase a new membership or punch card (see below*).  Any bookings made online by individuals without a valid membership or punch pass will be cancelled.  Unfortunately, at this time, Member Guest Passes are not usable.
  • *New Members or Punch Card Purchases – Please Call the Gym First:  Visitors who are looking to purchase a new membership or punch card are asked to call the gym to make your booking, and to confirm that you are intending to purchase a punch card or new/renewed membership when you arrive.  Staff will be able to take payment over the phone or can do so upon your arrival at the gym.
  • Unforseen Closures – Limited Notice:  In the event that we do not have enough staff to open a gym, we will be forced to make the difficult but necessary decision to keep the affected gym closed for some period of time.  There may be limited advance notice, and the closure may be partial (half-day) or complete (full day / multiple days), so please stay tuned to our social media for in the moment updates.
  • Education: Youth Programs:  While youth programs are currently running as scheduled, all youth programs are subject to similar contingency plans, and may have to close if staffing is impacted significantly. 
  • Closure Event Communication: In the event that we must close a gym, we will send emails to all individuals who are booked in for a session, and notices will be posted via social media and the website as to the duration of the closure. 

We apologize in advance for the difficulties this creates, and we are sorry that there remains the potential for missing out on your climbing time.   We hope that we do not need to institute such a closure, but we anticipate that it may become a reality and we are trying to prepare accordingly.

Please stay safe out there, and thank you for your patience and understanding during this time of uncertainty.

Thank you,


We will be re-checking vaccine verification for all facility users as of January 2, 2022. Acceptable forms of verification are limited to these options:

1) Canadian gov’t issued ID + provincial / federal QR code
– QR code must be scannable (paper or phone)
– ID & code can be from different provinces

2) International gov’t issued ID + arriveCan
– arriveCan details must show your name and match your ID
3) International gov’t issued ID + Canadian QR code
– users who have obtained a valid Canadian QR code but do not have Canadian gov’t issued ID

To obtain your scannable QR code please visit the following links for more information,
Covid-19 Immunization Record (out of province / international)
Proof of Vaccination Website (British Columbia)

This applies to ALL users. If you have concerns about your vaccine documentation or our policies please contact us before your arrival. 

Dear Hive Community,

I hope this message finds you keeping healthy this holiday season. With the rapidly increasing cases of the Omicron variant around the country, it is more important than ever that we do all we can to support our health care workers and minimize transmission of this new variant.

When the announcement was made that fitness centres and gyms must close, we acted quickly and decisively to ensure the health and safety of our community. While this appeared to be the right decision at the time, further information and clarity has become available, and we are now happy to share some good news with you:

Good News – Climbing is a Sport!
After much discussion amongst BC gym owners, several coordinated attempts to contact regional health authorities, and ultimately a direct response from the Provincial Health Office, we have recently received confirmation that “Climbing is considered a sport, NOT a fitness activity,” so we are not captured under the current order. In light of the fact that we, as an industry, have been successfully operating for nearly two years without incident, and due to the nature of the climbing spaces and the activity itself, Indoor Climbing Centres may remain open with some additional measures put in place including:

  • 50% capacity restrictions
  • Bookings will return to help manage capacity
  • Everyone will have to rescan their vaccination certificates
  • Physical distancing and handwashing will be strongly encouraged
  • Fitness Areas and Equipment will be closed until further notice
  • The PrAna Studio at The Hive North Shore will remain closed.

All BC Hive Gyms Reopening: January 2, 2022

At the time of writing, we feel this is incredibly good news. We are working as quickly as possible to call back all staff, rework the schedule, prepare the gyms, and get the doors open. Due to various considerations, we will remain closed for the holiday break, and are planning to reopen on January 2, barring any further restrictions or changes.

Important Notes on Membership & Return to Climbing:

  • Annual (Prepaid) Members will remain frozen throughout the closure, at no charge.
  • Memberships frozen for this closure will be automatically unfrozen on the date of reopening, currently slated for Jan 2, 2022.
    • Memberships frozen for alternate reasons shall remain frozen (i.e. injury freezes)
  • EFT members will have their accounts credited for the length of closure (9 days)
  • Bookings will go live prior to January 31.
  • Youth Programs will run as planned in the new year.
  • Adult Courses are postponed until further notice.
  • Please be prepared to rescan your vaccination certificate.

Apologies for the disruption!
We are very sorry for the inconvenience and disruption this has caused. We know that climbing is an important part of all of our lives, and a critical contributing factor in our physical, mental, and social health. With this in mind, it is exceptionally important that we all do our part to help keep our facilities open by following Public Health recommendations, maintaining personal responsibility, staying home when even minor symptoms are present, and respecting each other’s personal space and decision making.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we strive to keep our community healthy by managing the risks of COVID-19 within our facilities, and for your help keeping the gyms open by remaining cautious and considerate in the onset of this new variant.

Andrew Coffey
King Worker Bee

bookings — nov 1 update

STARTING NOV 1, 2021: Hive Poco, Surrey, and North Shore and Winnipeg will no longer require a booking. Drop in any time during business hours, which you can view via google or on the location page for your facility of choice at

Bookings are still necessary at The Hive Heights and Hive Vancouver. Capacities are being loosened somewhat at these gyms. You can book via or the RGPro Connect app.

proof of vaccination

As per BC government requirements, as of October 24th we will require proof of full vaccination for all climbers over the age of 12. Current resources for more information: click here.

Dear Hive Climbers,


With the fall season right around the corner, and the province of BC set to ease all restrictions in early September, we are anticipating a return to something that looks a little more like normal at our gyms very soon.  While we cannot predict exactly what will happen, we expect to see increasing demand at all of our locations, and to help spread this demand throughout our facilities, we are pleased to announce that we will be extending our Ultimate Access to all members until January 2022.


Please note that Ultimate Access will NOT include The Hive Heights. Access to this new facility by existing Hive members will be available at a reduced drop-in rate.  We are making this decision to alleviate and avoid any increased pressure on this new facility, which otherwise could have seen a major influx of new visitors at a time when existing members have had difficulty gaining access due to the pandemic restrictions.   


In the same way, existing and new members of The Hive Heights will be entitled to reduced drop-in prices at all other Hive facilities, and are encouraged to take advantage of this offer for additional fitness and training opportunities, a wider selection of bouldering terrain, and access to our range of fantastic Studio classes on the North Shore.  


At this time, as we ease into this dual transition of both the elimination of COVID restrictions and the incorporation of The Hive Heights into the fold, we will NOT be offering an Upgrade Option.  We will continue to take due care regarding hygiene and risk management in all facilities, and encourage folks visiting any gym to do the same.


We hope that you continue to enjoy the remainder of your summer, and that you are as excited as we are to return to the bustling community of climbers we have missed seeing together over the past year and a half.  Thank you for your ongoing support, understanding and patience throughout these challenging times – it has not been easy, we are so grateful to be here, and we wouldn’t have made it without you!


Many thanks,


The Hive  

Mask policy

Anyone (ages 2+) entering The Hive facilities must wear a mask at all times. As defined by the top Public Health officials, masks should be 3 layers, including a breathable non-woven middle layer; should be well-fitting and cover your mouth & nose securely. Additional up-to-date information can be found here. We will no longer allow buffs/gaiters, bandanas, or vented masks as these have been deemed insufficient by public health officials in protecting the wearer or the community.
Masks are just one preventative measure; maintaining physical distance and proper hygiene are still most effective, and of course, stay home if you have any symptoms or have been in close contact with a person with symptoms. Please keep your climbing companions to those within your household.
Thank you for helping to keep the community safe and the gyms open for climbing by following all precautions. Stay safe!
How can I (and do I need to) prove my mask is 3 layers?
It is your responsibility to the Hive community to do your best to protect yourself and others. We are not here to police mask use, however we believe we have a responsibility to our community to eliminate inadequate mask substitutes, and support the community on how to best protect themselves and others. As climbers, we are each individually capable of and responsible for managing risk to the best of our ability – as you should only use the best safety gear when climbing, so we should use the best mask options as well.
What about 2 layer masks?
We aren’t going to deny access to those with a 2 layer mask, but we recommend upgrading to a 3 layer mask as soon as you are able, for the protection of yourself and the community during your climbing session.
Can I buy a new 3-layer mask at The Hive?
Yes – we currently have 3-layer masks for sale at each Hive location. We also have 3 layer disposable masks available.
What’s wrong with wearing a buff/bandana/vented mask, exactly?
These options don’t provide enough of a barrier, as per the recent announcements of increased risk from aerosolized virus spread by coughs and sneezes — the open vent, loose weave, or single-layered nature of these masks just don’t act as enough of a barrier for those micro-droplets.
Supporting documentation:

Peak season booking updates

At The Hive we are constantly trying to make life better for our community. In response to overwhelming demand and the valuable feedback we’ve received from our community, we’re making some changes to our procedures effective October 18th; please read the following carefully.

To increase member climbing opportunities, all memberships will function as Ultimate Memberships effective October 18, 2020 through June, 2021. This provides access to all BC Hive locations at no additional charge.

All existing Ultimate Members will be compensated in the following ways (your membership must be active on 18 October 2020 in order for this to apply);

  • Annual Members will receive 40 days extension to their current membership
  • Prepaid One Month Members will receive an extension of 3 days
  • EFT Members dues will all be reduced to the single-gym rate, effective 1 November – 31 March 2021

All sessions at the Hive Vancouver will be shortened to 90 minutes
This will create an additional 700 spots per week. Session length at other Hive locations will remain unchanged for now. This is based on the study of average session durations based on check-in : checkout times.

Climbers will be limited to up to 4 bookings per week* per location
Climbers who exceed this limit will have their bookings cancelled without notice. Depending on availability it may be possible to extend a session while in the gym – extensions can only be determined day-of and will not count towards your weekly limit.
*“Per week” is defined as Monday through Sunday

“No-Show” Penalties to be enforced
Customers arriving later than 30 minutes after the start of their booking will be deemed a ‘no-show’ and their booking will be cancelled. Cancellations must be made via the RGPro Connect App, online, or by phone prior to the start of the session. Emails and voicemail cancellation requests cannot be processed. This will ensure we maximize all available space during each session.

No-Show policy & subsequent penalties
Customers who no-show after a strike will have all other active bookings cancelled (at the location at which the no-show occurred) without notice. Customers may then re-book their sessions pending availability. This is in response to a high volume of no shows and to be fair to climbers who truly do want to climb during those times.

What to expect at The Hive with COVID-19 Precautions in place

  • Anyone exhibiting symptoms will not be allowed into our facilities. Please follow provincial guidelines in the event you exhibit symptoms and require quarantine.
  • You must wash your hands as regularly as possible; Customer’s hands must be washed/sanitized upon entry
  • Masks are to be worn at all times over mouth and nose by anyone aged 2 and up, while in the facility. (Masks should be 3 layers; industrial, surgical, homemade all acceptable; bandanas, buffs, and vented masks are not acceptable)
  • All customers should practice social distancing (2m) with everyone in the facility at all times
  • We are ONLY permitting the use of liquid chalk until further notice; options available for purchase if necessary
  • All Waivers must be updated prior to your first visit; there may be significant delays during check-in if waivers are not completed online
  • Respect your booking time; Please arrive on time! You will be asked to start packing up 15 minutes prior to the end of the booking
  • You must exit the facility by the end of your booking time
  • Booking limits are in place – respect the limits listed in the booking information, terms & conditions or you forfeit all bookings
  • Arrive changed and ready to climb; access to changing areas and storage will be limited or restricted based on facility
  • Only bring to the gym what is necessary (shoes, water bottle) 
  • Areas in the facility have strict capacity limits, please pay attention to signage and respect those limits
  • Wipe down any / all fitness or training equipment used with supplied disinfectant
  • Facility will ONLY be accessible via confirmed bookings
  • Minimal transactions or account changes allowed during check-in

We’re all in this together, folks! Here are some (mostly) new etiquette points to help us all navigate the new normal in our shared spaces:

  • Stay Home if you or someone you have been in contact with is exhibiting symptoms associated with COVID-19
  • Wear your mask at all times. Please take appropriate precautions when donning or adjusting your mask; we wear them for the protection of others
  • Wash your hands before & after you climb, before & after you touch your face or adjust your mask
  • Maintain Physical Distancing: Please do your best to maintain 2m distance from other climbers & staff members at all times
  • Listen to Announcements and leave promptly: help keep sessions running smoothly so everyone can make the most of their session
  • Be Patient & Considerate – we’re all new to the new normal
  • Read, understand, and follow the new facility guidelines and directives
  • If you experience symptoms within the 14 days following your last session at The Hive, please notify us as soon as possible (via phone or email)

Booking Instructions:

  • Use the App for IOS or Android OR
  • Go to the bottom of this page, or the menu at the top and choose your location, time, and number of participants.
  • Maximum 2 participants per booking
  • For Youth Drop-ins (ages 17 & under), please call your facility to reserve a time

Time Restrictions and COVID Regulations are strictly enforced. 

  • We strongly recommend arriving on time to maximize your climbing time. You may arrive at any time during your pre-booked time slot, but you are still required to leave at the scheduled end time, no exceptions.
  • Climbers will not be allowed into the facility until the alotted start time, as the gym is fully closed between sessions for cleaning. On arrival you will be directed to line up, maintaining proper distance, outside the main entrance until it is time to enter.
  • You will be asked screening questions and expected to attest to their being Fit to Climb (not experiencing nor having been in contact with anyone who was experiencing potential COVID-19 symptoms).
  • Please arrive changed and ready to climb as much as possible: access to changerooms may be reduced or entirely unavailable (varies by location)
  • Please be aware that during check-in interaction with staff will be limited to check-in ONLY. Membership enquiries and retail will be available once all climbers for the session are checked in. You are welcome to come back to the front desk during your climbing time.
  • Lockers may be reduced or unavailable (North Shore) (varies by location) — please leave valuables at home. Where lockers are available (Surrey, Vancouver), please bring your own lock. Limited cubby storage will be available. (North Shore changerooms, PrAna Studio and Arc’teryx Beta Lounge will be closed for Phase 1 and 2)
  • Climbers in the facility must wear a mask over their nose and mouth at all times. Masks should be 3 layers; non-surgical and homemade masks are okay; bandanas, buffs or vented masks are not allowed.
  • As you enter, floor markers and staff will provide guidance to both Check-in and hand-sanitizing Stations. Once checked in, please follow the directional signage, and maintain distancing as you store belongings and disperse into the climbing or fitness areas.

Please be patient as we navigate the new normal together!  

  • Wash/sanitize your hands before climbing, and regularly in between climbs. 
  • Keep your mask on while climbing; masks are required at all times in the facility. Avoid touching your face when adjusting your mask.
  • Don’t touch your face after climbing, until you have washed your hands.
  • You may leave the gym at any time during your session; please speak to a staff member and follow exit signage
  • Everyone MUST exit by the end time of your session; staff will make announcements to warn climbers at 30, 20, and 10 minutes before exit. 

If you need to leave during the session and plan on re-entering (eg. you want to snack, so you step outside to take your mask off and eat) please
a) let a staff member at the front desk know you’re stepping out
b) wash your hands before exit and follow the entry procedure on returning

The Hive is committed to doing our best to provide an environment in line with social and governmental regulations in regards to COVID-19:
– Designated line-up areas
– Hand santizer available
– Mandatory masks for gym staff and customers
– Liquid Chalk ONLY permitted in all facilities until further notice
– Regular, increased sanitizing of high traffic areas and frequently used items
– Spaced route setting to allow for increased distancing between users
– Signage and capacity restrictions on various areas of the facilities (ie. max # of users in the fitness area)
– Designated staff only bathroom, staffing pods
– Reduced services to help limit contact

What happens if someone reports that they have tested positive for COVID-19 and have been in the gym within the previous 14 days:

  • If a confirmed case is reported, The Hive will work directly with local health authorities to effect swift and comprehensive contact tracing.
  • This will likely involve contacting all those who were known to have visited the facility within the same time slot as the confirmed individual.  
  • If deemed appropriate by the health authorities, the range of contacts may be expanded to include a wider scope of individuals who used the facility within a broader timeframe.
  • The Hive will defer to, and cooperate with, all health authorities to allow for a rapid assessment of the situation and to ensure appropriate intervention measures are enacted.

All memberships are Ultimate (climb at any Hive location) until June 30, 2021


The requirement for vaccine passports was ended by the BC Government on 8 April 2022.
Members who requested a freeze in response to the vaccine passports were automatically unfrozen on 9 April 2022, as per the communication below (sent at the outset of the offer to freeze).

Please read the following information carefully.

Your membership will remain frozen until;
You become eligible to climb and visit the gym with a valid vaccine passport OR the government ends the requirement to show vaccine passports.

Once the government announces that vaccine passports will no longer be required to enter our facilities, your membership will automatically become active. You will not be notified.”

At this time, it is not mandatory to wear a mask at the Hive. As always, if you are at all unwell we ask you to stay home, and visit another day!

Masks are still encouraged and we support the decision of those continuing to wear a mask. 

Why are there different times / booking systems available at different facilities?

Demand is different for each location.

When is the best time to sign up?

Time slots open for booking one week in advance, on the hour.

Can a friend take my booking spot?
Reservations are not transferable. If you cannot make it for your booked session, please follow the cancellation instructions included in your booking confirmation email.

What if I need to cancel a booking?

All our facilities are operating at a much reduced capacity. You may cancel via the online calendar option listed as “Cancellation Request.” We will be monitoring no-shows and and/or frequent cancellations and addressing these issues with individuals as they arise. If problems persist further action may be taken.

Please cancel your reservation online or call your facility as soon as you know you are unable to attend. Many time slots are in high demand, so help your fellow climbers with an opportunity to enjoy a climb if you cannot attend! Our ability to generate much needed revenue at this time is severely impacted by spaces reserved but not used. Thank you for understanding.

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions in your confirmation email for the entire cancellation policy.

If I cancel a booking, can I re-sign up?
You may book into a timeslot right up until the start of that particular session as long as space is available.

Why is there no stand-by list / or line up?

We are working through the booking process first and ensuring we have the best and most fair system for our users before adding additional complexity to the system.

Can I book more than one person for each slot?
You may book a timeslot for yourself and one other person in your household.

How long will we need to use a booking system for our climbing time?

Hive Heights and Hive Vancouver will continue to operate with a reservation system until further notice. North Shore, Surrey, Poco and Winnipeg are no longer requiring bookings. Get the most up-to-date information by checking this page or following us on social media (@hiveclimbing).

What if I want to purchase a membership in order to book as a member?
You may now sign up for your new membership online before booking or during your first session, at check-in.

Memberships and Punches are available for purchase online through the RGPro Connect app, and in-gym.

Between booking and my session start time:
Please cancel using the RGP Connect app, or call the gym. Full cancellation details available in your booking confirmation email.

During or after my session:
Please inform a Manager or Customer Service staff member as soon as possible so that we can enact contact tracing protocols to reduce potential spread of the virus.

The climbing gym industry, at Provincial, National and International levels, all agree that the best way to keep our climbing holds free from COVID 19 is to ensure proper personal hygiene occurs before climbing, several times during climbing sessions, and throughout the facility as a whole.  We will begin by washing our hands upon entering the facility, and we will be wearing masks while climbing to reduce the likelihood of transferring droplets from our mouths directly onto the holds.  Ensuring that everyone washes their hands immediately after climbing should effectively stop any transfer from the holds (should there be any trace particles on them) to one’s system.  If we do all of these steps well, combined with the other preventative measures (such as staying home if sick, and maintaining physical distance), we believe the risks will remain low.

All our facilities are operating at a much reduced capacity. You may cancel via the online calendar option listed as “Cancellation Request.” We will be monitoring no-shows and and/or frequent cancellations and addressing this as they arise. If problems persist further action may be taken.

Please cancel your reservation online or call your facility as soon as you know you are unable to attend. Many time slots are in high demand, so help your fellow climbers with an opportunity to enjoy a climb if you cannot attend! Our ability to generate much needed revenue at this time is severely impacted by spaces reserved but not used. Thank you for understanding.

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions in your confirmation email for the entire cancellation policy.

In order to reserve space for youth climbers (ages 17 & under) please call the appropriate facility for availability and further information. Reservations for youth drop-ins can only be made over the phone at this time.

Unfortunately with the necessary capacity limitations, this is a real possibility. We will verify membership status & weekly quota compliance at check-in; all climbers must meet the terms of participation to proceed with their session. Cancellations are possible, and free spots will appear as available almost immediately once cancelled in the booking system, so you can continue to check back online.


The Hive is using a liquid-chalk-only policy for the foreseeable future. This reduces the particles in the air, which reduces irritants to the eyes and airways and for many climbers will lessen the need to touch our eyes and faces. Following this change, the difference in air quality has been significant.

Please note, liquid chalk should not be relied upon as a method of hand sanitization; make sure you wash or sanitize your hands regularly during your session!

There are quite a few measures in place, including but not limited to: capacity management and physical distancing strategies, distance markers, cashless transactions, cough shields, various PPE, and enhanced cleaning regimes.

Punches may be shared as normal between users but both users must be booked into the same time slot in order to ensure there is space available.

You certainly may use your Member Guest Pass, so long as both you and your guest are booked into the same time slot, in order to ensure there is space available.

Members wishing to keep their membership frozen can still climb by:

  1. Redeeming punches already on their account / purchase a punch pass OR
  2. Pay the member discount drop-in rate ($18+ tax)

Members who do not wish/ are unable to return to climbing in the gym with us should contact their home gym.

To avoid being considered a ‘no show’ simply cancel your bookings via the RGPro Connect App, online, or by phone before your session begins. Download the App for iOS or Android.

Through the app or once processed by staff over the phone, cancelled bookings become available right away to be booked by another user, so cancelling prior to your session is key!

We understand that sometimes life happens, so if you are delayed for a valid reason please call the front desk (no later than 30mins into your session), and let us know that we should still expect you.

In addition to the Vancouver changes, effective October 19th, The Hive North Shore is drastically extending their hours to accommodate more than 500 additional bookings per week. 

North Shore hours starting Oct 19:

Mon: 11am – 11pm
Tues & Fri 7am – 11pm
Wed & Thurs: 12pm – 11pm
Sat & Sun 10am – 10pm

The Hive Surrey has a larger capacity based on the square-footage of the facility, and will continue monitoring gym-use and demand for bookings, however there are no changes to hours or session duration at this time.

During the summer months we relaxed our policy on booking limits, but recent demand indicates that this is no longer feasible. Our community is large and we are trying to create a policy that is fair to as many folks as possible.. We will monitor the impact of this new limit, and reserve the right to make changes.

If you are someone who likes to train more than 4 times per week, we hope that you will take advantage of the Ultimate Membership perks (extended to all members until 31st March, 2021) by exploring one or all of our other Hive locations – remember, the cap of 4 sessions per week is per location.

Climbing sessions that are extended on the day, due to availability in the gym, will not count towards your 4 session limit.

Ask a Customer Service Representative during the last half hour of your session whether there is space in the following time slot for you to stay.

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