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Andrew Coffey: Owner & King Worker Bee

Andrew Coffey grew up in Toronto, Ontario, and was introduced to climbing while at summer camp at the tender age of 14 in Minden, Ontario. Having climbed consistently for over 15 years throughout Canada, the US, Scotland, England, Wales, and Australia, Andrew is passionate about pursuing climbing for his own personal development, and for sharing his passion with others through teaching, learning, and growing while climbing together.

Andrew has worked in numerous climbing gyms across Canada, and holds a BAH in English and Philosophy from Queen’s University, and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Outdoor Education from the Moray House School of Education in Edinburgh, Scotland. He is currently working on his MSc in Outdoor Education, and has attended numerous Association for Experiential Education Conferences, Association for Challenge Course Technologies Conferences, and taught and trained many individuals in Top Rope Basics, Lead Climbing, and Ropes Course Instructor programs. He is currently an ACCT certified trainer, and prior to opening the Hive he was Manager of Western Services, Program Coordinator, and Climbing Instructor for Adventureworks! Associates Inc. for over 8 years. Having worked for over 10 years in climbing, outdoor education, and adventure programming, Andrew brings both a belief in the benefits of climbing and adventure, and a love for being challenged and helping others grow through a wide range of adventure experiences.

Most recently, Andrew recognized a need for a new style of climbing gym in Vancouver, BC. Having a genuine love for the climbing community, Andrew worked for 3 years in developing the Hive, and he is now proud to share the realization of his vision for a community focused climbing facility with the Lower Mainland. Climbing, Education, and Community are the central pillars of everything Andrew brings to the Hive and he dreams to take the Hive Climbing Community to new heights!


Shayne Russell: Director Of Operations

Shayne’s passion for climbing is matched only by his love for The Hive. He is thrilled to be a part of the awesome community that’s growing around The Hive and feels that Vancouver has been in need of a gym like this for a long time. He takes pride and joy in his role as general manager and aims to provide the ultimate experience for everyone that walks through our doors. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact him at shayne@hiveclimbing.com.


Kyle Wall: Vancouver Manager

One of the few elusive born-&-raised Vancouverites,  Kyle worked as a cook and a chef for almost 10 years before climbing invaded his life via the North Shore manager, Brad. Kyle wound up as our Vancouver manager after nearly a year of prodding by a couple of Hive folks, and a well timed job opening. We couldn’t be happier to have him on board!

The community resonates with Kyle because “I’m an obsessive kind of person who likes to dive head-first into my interests, similar to much of the climbing community. The sense of adventure provided by climbing is a huge part of why I love it so much”.

Kyle’s been climbing for just a few short years, but while he started off bouldering, he has found his true love in trad climbing and has made some big progress in the last year.
Fun fact: this lucky guy was chosen to be a part of Arc’teryx’s “Squamish Exposed” photo showdown, and had the honour of climbing with the awesome Ines Papert for a couple of days!

Thoughts about the Vancouver gym are happily directed to kyle@hiveclimbing.com

Andreas Lerch: Head Setter

Andreas has been climbing since he was 9 and loves the open minded community it attracts, he strives to keep fit climbing and loves being in an environment where he can teach and continually learn. Andreas moved from Ontario in 2012 to Beautiful British Columbia, where he found The Hive. Even after 9 years of solid setting experience, he loves the creativity that comes with route setting and the freedom that allows him to follow his hobbies such as his reclaimed wood business, hiking and travelling. Andreas is excited to use his talents and experience Canada wide setting for competitions across the country. We are proud to call him our Head Route Setter, and we look forward to seeing the fresh and fun movements he continues to bring to The Hive canvas in his time here. He hopes you are enjoying his team’s work, and the ever changing problems; “See you on the wall!”

If you would like to contact Andreas, you can find him here; andreas@hiveclimbing.com


Kate Bell: Community & Events Coordinator

Kate grew up in Ontario, got a Fashion Arts and Construction Diploma, and then started climbing and everything changed! Within a year and a half of beginning to climb, Kate decided to travel out to BC. Like so many of Vancouver’s transplants, after spending some time in Vancouver and Squamish, no-where else really felt like home. After working in a variety of environments – customer service, outdoor education, prop construction, & kayak building, to name a few – Kate found her happy place with The Hive. Several years later, Kate’s passion for the sport, the community and the lifestyle are still the driving force behind her every day. 

Kate can be reached with any comments, questions, concerns or suggestions at kate@hiveclimbing.com

Gavin Jardine

Our awesome Education Coordinator is always looking for something fun to climb, and always curious to know what you’re learning today! Here to help with facilitated learning through climbing, Gavin can get you set up with your group lickity split.
Email Gavin at van.education@hiveclimbing.com

Christian Core

Professional Climbing Trainer

Christian was born and raised in Savona, Italy. He has spent the past 24 years as a member of the Italian National Team and has multiple gold medals and championship titles under his belt. On top of being an immensely driven athlete, he is also a highly skilled climbing trainer and has coached the Italian Youth National Team for over 2 years. Christian balances his love for training with climbing outdoors. He has established new boulders all over Italy and his most notable first ascent is “Gioia” (rated V16) located in Varazze,Italy.

Christian loves to help people achieve their athletic goals (both mentally and physically) and is excited to be a part of the Hive’s coaching team!

Contact christian@hiveclimbing.com. to inquire or to book a session with Christian!