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FAQ for Young Climbers and Parents

How old must my child be to climb at the Hive?

You can bring a child of any age to the Hive provided they are supervised sufficiently. The earlier a child starts climbing, the better! Birthday parties are offered to children ages 6 and up.

How many children can come climbing with one adult at The Hive?

In order to reduce the risk of injury, we have specific parent-to-child supervisory ratios, depending on the age of the children. Parent:child ratios are as follows:

Up to 6: 1:1
Parent/guardian provides constant supervision and may not climb. Child must be within arm’s reach of supervising adult at all times. Children in this age range are still developing awareness and ability to understand potential for harm.

Age 7-9: 1:2
Parent/guardian is required to remain within arms’ reach of both children at all times, meaning the children must climb together. Parent/guardian may not climb. Children under 10 may still be developing the cognitive ability to be mindful of people around them, which means parents must stay within arms reach to ensure a child, or children, do not wander into a fall zone.

Age 10-12: 1:4
This age range requires a parent on the mats. The parent is not required to remain in arm’s reach while the children are climbing, but the supervisor may not climb.

Age 13-15: 1:4
Parents must be present and available in the facility, though are not required to be on the mats while the youth are climbing unless the children prove to be at increased risk of harm to themselves or others. The parent/guardian may climb.
If it’s your children’s first time at the gym, the parent or guardian of children 13-15 should be present with the children for the start of the session until the kids become familiar with the climbing gym environment and its risks.

Ages 16+  Youth may climb without adult supervision assuming they are able to behave appropriately as a positive part of the community. 

The Hive reserves the right to require supervision of youth who prove incapable of responsible behaviour on their own. Such decisions will be made in good faith.
If you have questions please contact the gym at 604-683-4483 or vancouver@hiveclimbing.com

How old does my child have to be to climb unattended at the Hive?

Anyone under 16 must be accompanied by an adult who is over the age of 19. Anyone 16 to 18 may climb unattended but must have their parent’s permission and signature on the Assumption of Risk and Responsibility Form (Waiver).

Can anyone other than a parent/legal guardian sign a waiver for someone 18 or younger?

No. To avoid any inconvenience please feel free to print the Waiver, have it signed prior to the youth’s first visit, and then bring it in with the climber. A teacher or another child’s parent(s) are NOT allowed to sign consent for anyone’s child other than their own, unless they are also the child’s legal guardian.

What if I’m under 19, traveling from another country as an exchange student, or post-secondary student, and my parents are in another country (or province, or city) can I climb without them signing a waiver?

In short? No. Please plan ahead, have a parent complete the Online waiver. Our digital waiver is valid at both Hive locations.

What does my child need to bring? 

Appropriate active clothing is recommended; no skirts or dresses please. Climbing shoes are available to rent for drop-in climbing, and are included with most youth programs. On occasion, size availability may be limited. All children may bring a pair of clean indoor shoes, ideally snug-fitting runners, as a backup.

 Is there a dedicated kids’ room?

Yes! The Hive offers a dedicated Kids’ Room for your young ones to get comfortable on the wall before exploring our main gym area. This room also acts as a teaching facility for courses, birthdays and other youth programs and may sometimes be unavailable.

 Is there a freezer/fridge to store food such as veggie platters, fruit, cake and ice cream?

Yes! For booked events and parties, The Hive can store your food and drink in our fridge and at Hive Vancouver, small frozen items can go in our freezer.

 Is climbing without ropes safe for children?

Climbing without ropes, also known as bouldering, is an enjoyable activity well suited to children. Similar to a playground structure, the Hive has a comprehensive flooring system that allows climbers to fall and land with reduced risk to the climber. All climbers are taught how to fall properly and are supervised while climbing (by a parent or, in the case of Hive Youth programs, by an qualified instructor). Effective spotting techniques may also be used to help timid and unsure climbers. The Hive does our best to reduce risk to climbers and spectators, however bouldering does entail inherent risk. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Gavin at gavin@hiveclimbing.com