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Hive Facility Waiver

To climb at the Hive, you must read, fill out and sign our waiver. To save time you can read, fill out and sign the waiver beforehand.

Electronic signature

Once all the steps are completed, the waiver will be electronically transferred to the Hive. You must check in with the Front Desk upon arrival, to complete the process.

Click here to sign with electronic signature.

Print and sign

Useful for bringing anyone under the age of 19, but remember: the form must be filled out with the youth’s information and initialed & signed by the parent or legal guardian.
Remember to bring the signed waiver to the Hive!

Click here if you wish to print, initial & sign your waiver at home.

Bringing a ‘just climb’ group and need to hand out a paper waiver in advance?
Click Here and make sure anyone under 19 has their legal parent/guardian initial and sign where indicated!