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April 22, 2021 | 6:30pm pt 

Free Online Event

With special guests Ivan Yastrebov, Jeff Thomson, Kate Hanniball and Anaheed Saatchi, learn about first aid preparedness, packing for a day of climbing, and stewardship, etiquette, and generally being a better human on and off the rock!

Door prizes from The Hive, Coast Wilderness Medical Training, and Arc’teryx


As always, we want to celebrate how much we love getting sendy with you.

We’ve got a LIFETIME membership to give away; a Boulder League to compete in; a new virtual gym experience to connect on. Join us, won’t you?

Event closed: March 22

Happy Hive tenth, y’all

We’re turning TEN! Can you believe it?

We can’t party the way we’d like to, but we still want to celebrate with our community!

We’ve got a ton of gratitude for our community and to say thank you, we’re organizing a few fun things for y’all!


A new virtual community on KAYA

KAYA is your path to fun, prizes, personal growth and social connections starting Feb 28, 2022! Check them out now.


BDay Boulder League

There’s a league for all BC Bouldering Gyms, one at Hive Heights, and one in Winnipeg. You may compete in more than one league, but you can only climb for one team per league.


Here’s how the league works:

Sign Ups are now CLOSED:


*Teams are 4-5 people; teams without enough people will be merged on Feb 28 


Starting Feb 28, climb the problems tagged “Boulder League” weekly. You can climb together virtually or IRL, but you don’t need to be in the same place at the same time. 

  1. Climb the Boulder League tagged climbs (New selection of problems each week for 3 weeks. They won’t count if you climb them before Feb 28. You can’t count the same problem twice)
  2. Check where your team is ranked on the challenge leaderboard. Celebrate your awesomeness, and our climbing community by posting videos of your fave sends. 
  3. Top team wins a prize and there will be lots of sweet raffle prizes drawn; all prizes will be awarded and ready for pick up on (or after) our Birthday, March 22** prizes available for top team per category, plus sweet door prizes. 
Log your sends on the denoted “league” tagged problems at Hive Vancouver, Surrey, North Shore or PoCo in KAYA between Feb 28, 2022 and Mar 20, 2022. Note that all boulder league climbs expire on the 8th day after being set!
League Prizes: 1 month Ultimate + Kaya Pro for 3 months and Evolv goodie pack.
Raffled Door Prizes: Evolv climbing shoes & more! We’ll announce league prize winners on the big day, March 22 2022 
RELATIVE SCORING: A competitors score is directly related to their handicap (registered max grade). If a climber has a V5 ‘vmax’ they will receive 100 points for a V5. If a climber has a V10 ‘vmax’ they will receive 100 points for a V10. Each grade deviation is +/- 10 points. Top 3 sends per interval (week) count Boulder League problems ‘expire’ after 7 days so make sure you’re climbing the current set (tagged “League” in-gym and on the app) 
WHAT SHOULD MY MAX V GRADE BE? The grade you regularly send in 5 attempts (updated to align w In-App info) (i.e. you regularly send hard 3 hex and easy 4 hex you are a max v4 climber. (for clarification 3 hex = V2-V4, 4 hex = v4-v6) 
Also, signing up for KAYA by 11:59pm on March 11 gets you entered into our “10 days of Giveaways” where we’re giving our community some amazing prizes from our fave partners (i.e. Arc’teryx & Evolv), 9 annual memberships, AND (as is tradition) one lucky person will win a LIFETIME Ultimate Hive Membership!!


10 days of Giveaways!

This seems pretty self-explanatory… but how do you get in on the action, and what are we giving away?!


Through KAYA again! We are drawing winners from the list of folks who join us on KAYA before March 12, 2022. (That means get KAYA and follow at least one Hive location)

The ten days of giveaways start March 13 and will be announced through KAYA, Social (IG/FB), and on the announcement board at the gyms.

What you could win:

Days 1 – 9: An annual Ultimate Hive Membership, an Arcteryx jacket, Evolv Climbing shoes, and more!

DAY 10: A LIFETIME ULTIMATE HIVE MEMBERSHIP and some sweet swag from Evolv! 


Birthday Buddies – visiting vendors on March 22

Shoe and gear demos from some of the climbing industry’s FINEST folks!

EvolvHive North Shore

PetzlHive Heights

La SportivaHive Surrey

ScarpaHive Vancouver

UnparallelHive North Shore


Get the KAYA App to get involved, today!


Pacific Boulder League

Championships November 16 2019

Top 3 teams from Hive Finals are invited to compete at Project Climbing Cloverdale — check out the PBL facebook page for details!

Boulder league details

How does it all work?

– Week 1: Sept 17 – 23
– Week 2: Sept 24 – 30
– Week 3: October 1 – 7
– Week 4: October 8 – 14
– Week 5: October 15 – 21
– Hive Finals @ Vancouver: November 1 6PM

PBL Championships: Early November (exact date TBD)

Teams need to register by September 17 to get the full league time. Your team name needs to be family friendly, as it goes on the public scoreboard. There will be registration by location and teams must register at one location or the other.
$16.50 per person to enter covers the entire League except Pacific Boulder League Championships which will have a small additional team fee.

Scoring and Teams:
20 problems weekly with new problems tagged Tuesday mornings at open. There will be 6 new boulders and 14 of the most recently set problems included in the week’s ‘new’ League problems.
Teams must be co-ed*, & must climb together once a week. Teams will be allowed ONE ‘free pass’ to full team attendance which may be used any week during the league but only one week. Once this free pass is used up, teams will be scored on their collective session total, divided by full number of members in the team. (See Weekly Team Score below)
Team will be given a scorecard for that week’s climb, to be picked up at the front desk with the full team in attendance (with some flexibility for a member being 15-20 min behind, on occasion).

Problems will be numbered with a league number tag. Only those problems will be included in the League scoring. The problems will be cumulatively numbered; week 1 will be 1-20, week 2 will be 21-40, and so on.
Each person can only count a problem once towards their score but multiple team members can count the same problem. Top 5 problems for each person count toward that week’s score which is divided by the total number of team members.

Weekly Team Score:
Problems are given their equivalent points to their hex number (0 hex = .5, rest are # hex = point). Points are awarded for completed problems only. Problems are completed when the climber holds the top with 2 hands (controlled) or tops out the problem. Team members will judge each other as to a valid ascent. Gym staff may spot check (at any time) that teams are judging properly and fairly.
The top 5 hardest boulders completed by each team member, divided by the number of team members in attendance.
Team Ranking will be calculated as the sum of team’s weekly scores. League Standings will be kept updated on a weekly basis at the gym.

Prizes for the Hive Finals will be awarded to top 3 teams at the end of the night (as soon as scores are totalled, which usually takes about 20-30 minutes).

Hive Finals
All Hive Boulder League teams are invited to participate in the Hive Boulder League Finals at Hive Vancouver on November 1! Doors will open at 5:30 and climbing begins at 6pm; teams will have until 9:30pm to get those top 5 problems for each team member signed off on their scorecard. These points count for double!!
Prizes will be awarded at the end of the night as soon as all scores are totalled.

Top 3-5 teams from each location will be invited to attend the Pacific Boulder League Championships at Project Cloverdale on Nov 16.

*co-ed meaning respectfully gender diverse; can be male, female, non-conforming, gender-fluid, or questioning; anyone in our community is welcome! We are certainly not trying to out anyone and apologize for any discomfort for anyone who is still processing their gender identity and is not yet ready to share this information; we are open to suggestions on how best to be inclusive in future and appreciate your feedback, which can be submitted anonymously through a letter to management dropped at the desk, or an email directly to the Events Manager, Kate: Please note, this is a genuine effort to be inclusive — anyone found to be mocking non-binary gender expression will be asked to stop, followed by a request to leave the League if necessary.

Mentor Nights!

Starting January 28 2019, join us as a mentor or a mentee on the last Monday of each month

Ask anyone who’s been climbing for more than 5 years how they started; you’ll soon hear about the friend who got them into it and taught them the ropes (or lack thereof) from the start.

The aim of Mentor nights is to connect less experienced or newer climbers to the wealth of experienced and amazing individuals at the gym, and to encourage a small-gym community feeling, despite the constant growth of our climbing community.

Talk to the front desk at your home gym to get involved today.

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