Van bouldering & Heights locations require a booking to climb! 

Vancouver Bouldering
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Vancouver Heights
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North Shore

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upcoming events

Coming Summer 2023…

TNT Comp Series 


TNT exists to get the community together and get a little a load of awesome new climbs per comp!

Youth, Recreational, and Experienced climbers invited!
No comp experience necessary.

Registration opened.

More Details

Tuesday Night Throwdown: a fun, friendly challenge for friends and frenemies

Multiple categories and prizes, for youth and adults. Series winner of Experienced Category gets the bragging rights and some cash money.

Total series purse: $1000

25% of Entry fees donated to: Squamish Access Society (SAS)

Jun 6, 2023 | Hive North Shore | Youth 4:30-6:30; Adults 6:30-9:30

Jul 11, 2023 | Project Cloverdale | Times TBC (see most up to date info online)

Aug 8, 2023 | Hive PoCo | Youth 4:30-6:30; Adults 6:30-9:30


Youth $15 (+ day pass, for non-members)
Members $15
Guests $45 includes day pass (includes punch users, does not use a punch pass)

Door prizes for each event, series challengers must compete in all 3 to win.

  • Raffle prizes will be drawn on the night of each event, for that event’s attendees.
    • You must be present to win.
  • Team prizes for spirit and best dressed are awarded at around 9:30pm.
  • Please be thinking of safety and consideration of others when planning your costume:
    • Nothing that could get you caught up on the wall or might cause damage to you or someone else when landing
    • No body paint which could sweat off and end up all over the mats or other people.
  • Running late? You don’t need to start climbing right at the beginning of the round but for most people it helps to have the full time.

Stoktober details

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Spray Wall Meet Up

Come join us for a night of bouldering the second Tuesday of every month at 7:30Pm in Hive Heights!

The spray wall can often be an intimidating place for climbers. This meetup aims to make the spray wall a more accessible place by facilitating a community night of climbing, setting and fun with reduced barriers!

No bouldering experience is required, all levels are welcome! Just bring a good attitude, chalk and your climbing shoes! Don’t have your own shoes? Rentals are available via the front desk.

The April Crimpin’ Ain’t Easy Challenge is set to ignite a thrill-seeking climbing experience across all Hive locations.

This dynamic event not only tests your physical prowess but also fosters a sense of community and camaraderie among climbers.

This event will span 1 week, April 22-28. This challenge will be free to join for any of our climbing guests.

Each Hive location will have 4 problems marked “Crimpin’ Ain’t Easy” that will be focused on crimping technique. The completion of each problem will enter your name a single time into the gyms raffle.  Climbers can be entered into the raffle four times, if they can complete all four climbs.

Winners in each category will be presented with a 1-month Hive membership, unlocking further opportunities within our climbing community.

No registration needed, just ask at the front desk for your scorecard starting April 22.

Belay Buddies @ The Heights

Belay Buddies is now a regular event at Hive Heights!

Thanks to the positive feedback we received, we have decided to make Belay Buddies an ongoing fixture. Same rules apply, but now all Friday nights moving forward (unless there’s a holiday or an event) will be a Belay Buddies night! Keep an eye on our socials for any updates regarding closures or events that might conflict with Belay Buddy nights.

Some experience required. You must be Belay Certified prior to arrival in order to participate.

belay buddy details

We know it can be difficult to find someone to be your belay partner, especially if you are new to rope climbing. To help connect our community, Hive Heights will be hosting Belay Buddy nights on Fridays! This event is meant to help you start platonic belaytionships with other climbers. To participate, please book a climbing session at Heights on a Friday night between 6:00PM-9:00PM. From there, all you need to do is check in with the front desk – they will give you a name tag so that you can connect with other climbers who are also looking for a partner.

The purpose of Belay Buddies is to facilitate belaytionships, not romantic relationships. There are apps for that 😉 so please respect this intention or you’ll be asked to leave. ALL participants are expected to treat each other with respect – if someone isn’t interested in climbing with you, that’s okay.

December 15, 2022

Community Climbing Show

Join us at The Rio Theatre for a Hive Community Climbing Film Night! The best of VIMFF’s climbing films of the last few years are waiting for you.

Doors at 6:30pm, show starts at 7:30pm

Take a look at the film list below!


Link Sar

Film 3

Pass It On

Film 4

Rockin' Cuba

film 5

March 23


The Hive is excited to announce that we will be hosting our 11th Birthday Bash at the Biltmore Cabaret! Join us on March 23rd to celebrate our eleventh year and growing community, featuring performances by Big Rig and Shred Kelly.

H’ELEVEN Details

What’s going on?

Doors open at 7:00, performances begin at 8:00. Because this is a party for our climbing community, you must have climbed at the Hive to attend! This is also a 19+ event, and all attendees will need to present ID at the door.

Tickets for members are $25, and $35 for nonmembers. First 100 TICKETS SOLD INCLUDE a complimentary DRINK TICKET! Tickets go on sale starting Tuesday February 14th.

See more about the Bands:
Big Rig
Shred Kelly


This membership is not re-sellable but may be gifted to a spouse/partner or child within 1 month of winning. Other prizes include:

  • an 11 month membership
  • 2 x 11 punch passes
  • Arc’teryx backpacks
  • swag from Evolv, and more.

boulder league 2022

Boulder league is a fun, friendly team-based event created to build camaraderie in the community, and provide a little extra fun by setting more climbs than usual throughout the league climb. It was also created to connect the broader climbing community, with a cross-gym championship for the top teams from all participating gyms in the area (Hive, Project, Coastal historically). You and your teammates (4-5) will compete out of 1 Hive location – so pick your favourite most accessible one, as only that gym’s “League” climbs will count towards your score! You and your team must be registered by October 23rd, 2022 in order to participate, as the League will begin on October 17, 2022 for PoCo and Van, while Surrey and North Shore will start on October 19, 2022. Two teams from each location will be invited to attend the finals at Project in Cloverdale on Nov 18, 2022.

How it works

Rules & Instructions for Registration & Participation

The Rules and Regulations for running The Hive’s Boulder League were developed in conjunction with the Pacific Bouldering League founding gyms – Project, The Hive, and Coastal Climbing. These rules are intended to keep this fun competition fair for all. Rules of the PBL championships may vary slightly, as it is not run on KAYA.

  • Teams must include 4-5 people who are available to compete each week for the duration of the League.
  • Each member of the team must register and compete at ONE Hive location (Or register your team independently at multiple locations).
  • You may be on more than one team, but make sure you can commit to both for the duration of the League. We suggest climbing on one highly competitive team and one more casual, ‘just for fun team’ since you can’t climb on two teams at the PBL Championships.
  • We encourage teams to be gender-diverse; this is a requirement to compete in the PBL Championships. Please note that teams are to self-regulate this aspect of their team dynamics. (We hope this is not necessary to say, but just in case: please do not expect folks to out themselves for the benefit your team’s qualification, or assume anyone’s gender based on your assumptions of how someone of a particular gender presents themselves to the world.) 
  • Start dates for the league will be staggered, to align with each gym’s setting schedule. Only climbs with League tags in KAYA count.
  • Each member may only count each climb towards their total score once per interval (7 days from the day a climb is set)
    • multiple team members may count the same climb
  • ONLY the top 5 climbs per interval (week) are counted toward your score
  • You may repeat league climbs each week, but it will not count more than once per interval (e.g. you can log the same 2 hex this interval and the following interval) – this is different from previous leagues. YOU MUST RE-CLIMB IT IN ORDER TO COUNT IT!
  • Climbs do not expire – those tagged ‘League’ in Kaya will be valid for the duration of the League.
  • Complete a climb start to finish in order to count it
  • You must submit your climbs for each interval during that week’s interval; new scoring interval will begin every 7 days (e.g. the second ‘week’ or interval will begin on the on the 8th day of the league)
  • Top 5 climbs per team member count towards your final score
  • Final Score = (total team points)/(total team members)
    • See “Injuries or missing Teammates” below; No substitutions of team members for Finals (this doesn’t mean reverting to the OG teammate though; previously made substitutions stand)
  • The honour system is used for scoring – teams can self-police and cross-team police; any concerns should be brought to league manager or Events Manager
    • Any unsportsperson-like behaviour observed by league members or staff may result in disqualification
  • Auto bumping is enabled – if you send multiple problems above your listed grade, you will get bumped into a different VMax
    • Your VMax should be the grade you regularly send in 3-5 attempts
    • V0 = Hard 1/Easy 2 Hex
    • V1 = Solid 2 hex
    • V2 = Hard 2/ Easy 3 Hex
    • V3 = Solid 3 Hex
    • Etc.
Injuries or Missing Teammates

A team’s average will be calculated by (a maximum of) one less member (5 become /4, 4 become /3) due to:

  • Injuries: Must have proof of actual injury (doctor or physio note ideally)
  • Illness/ major unforeseen event (staff will make a judgement call)

These may not be stacked. So a team short 2 members due to one or both of these issues may not divide by 2 less. (Sorry)

Questions about how the Kaya app is working should be directed to Kaya:

Setting queries should be directed to the front desk team or facility manager.

Event feedback which is considerate and constructive, and may be submitted to


registration requires 2 steps:

  1. Register & pay online for your location using the buttons below 
  2. Sign your team up on KAYA using the password provided int he confirmation email
Sundays in April @ PoCo

Newbie Nights

Do you have a friend who has always wanted to try climbing? Or perhaps a friend who has always put off trying climbing? Sundays in April at Hive PoCo is your opportunity to bring that friend in for free!

All Sunday nights in April, from 6:00pm to close. No booking required. Newbies must be accompanied by someone who has climbed at the Hive. Ratio is 1 to 1 (1 newbie per 1 Hiver).

January 22, @ Hive North Shore

Vertical Life Film Night


Need a cozy night out of the cold? Grab your friends, partner, or family and join us for a movie night at Hive North Shore, January 22nd featuring the Vertical Life 3 Film Tour.

“Vertical Life Film Tour is in its third year and again brings the best of Australian vertical adventures to the globe while showcasing the best of the globe back home in Australia. From untold stories, unsung heroes and the faces we’ve come to know and love in climbing – the Vertical Life Film Tour has something for everyone.”

Tickets are $12 each but there are only 50 available. Doors at 6:30pm. Movie starts at 7:00pm. Click here for the film lineup.

Mentor Nights!

Starting January 28 2019, join us as a mentor or a mentee on the last Monday of each month

Ask anyone who’s been climbing for more than 5 years how they started; you’ll soon hear about the friend who got them into it and taught them the ropes (or lack thereof) from the start.

The aim of Mentor nights is to connect less experienced or newer climbers to the wealth of experienced and amazing individuals at the gym, and to encourage a small-gym community feeling, despite the constant growth of our climbing community.

Talk to the front desk at your home gym to get involved today.