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Hive Surrey

Hive Surrey is on its way, we swear!

What’s up from Hive Surrey everyone!

We know what you are all thinking…. When is this place going to open already!?! We know because we’re thinking it, too. Construction is an interesting beast, and we are working hard to get the doors open as quickly as possible, we promise! We don’t have a hard date yet as the contractors are still banging away, but we are hoping to be open very, very soon!

Where there was once darkness, a single light appears, growing, intensifying, bearing down on you. Updates, teasers, photos, showcases; all your Hive Surrey news will be coming at you until our doors open. Stay tuned and get psyched because the newest Hive is right around the corner!

For our freshest Hive facility we are beyond stoked to have partnered with Delire, our friends from out east, to help us create the most engaging environment yet for the Hive!  Delire’s design team worked endlessly with the King Bee, Andrew Coffey, to design a climbing wall to give an experience as diverse as the Hive itself. We have so many amazing aspects at our other facilities, we wanted to recreate what we love most and take it to a new and exciting level.  

The Hive Surrey has three distinct climbing sections, the East Wall, the West Wall and the Teaching Wall.

Our East Wall was inspired by modern competition climbing. With big sections, including a steep prow, a massive slab and sustained moderate terrain, the big east will test all skill levels of climbing.  The large wall panels will also allow us to use volumes more and in varying ways to help keep the climbing and movement, fun, and engaging.

The East Wall
This really doesn’t do the East Wall justice…

Our West Wall was inspired by what we love most at our other facilities.  Westie has lots of overhanging terrain, varying features and angle changes to keep everyone on their toes (and heels) and our route setters inspired.  Keep that core tight and go west!

The West Wall

The Easy Wall is something new and exciting for us at the Hive. We designed this wall to be a flexible climbing space.  With a vertical section, a pillar, a steep wall and a sharp arete, it has the most varied terrain of all the sections in Hive Surrey.  The walls are a bit shorter to give the ability to be youth focused, but also large and tall enough to allow us to try and and exciting things with our adult courses.

The Easy Wall (Kids/Teaching)

We can’t wait to have all of you climbing all over the walls! Stay tuned to the blog and our social media for more Surrey news and updates. Until then, keep crushing!