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The national bouldering championship held at The Hive in Surrey, became a showcase of athletic prowess. It brought together the country’s top climbers, where the athletes showcased their strength and skill.

After a valiant effort by all of the women’s finalists, Anna Kelley, from British Columbia, emerged as a dominant figure, tackling the routes with determination. Emilia Callanan, hailing from Quebec, displayed impeccable technique to take 2rd, while Madison Richardson from Ontario demonstrated precision and agility to win 3rd place.

In the men’s category, the competition was equally intense. Zach Richardson, from Ontario, scaled the walls with masterful dexterity, securing his place at the top. Guy McNamee from British Columbia left his mark with an impressive performance to land in 2nd, while Hugo Dorval from Quebec conquered the routes with great technique to take 3rd.

This event not only served as a showcase of physical abilities but also as a testament to the competitive spirit and passion that drives these climbers to push their limits. The determination, technique, and resilience displayed by the climbers made it evident why they are considered among the best in the country. The routesetting team led by Kaleb Thomas (head) and Mika Hosoi (assistand head) set a hard but fun and interesting competition which really put the athletes through their paces. This event continues to be a tribute to the sport of climbing and an inspiration for future generations of climbers across the nation. We hope you’ll join us in cheering these athletes on as the represent Canada in future World Cups and other major competitions!