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Kori’s Fine Film Festival vol. 1

Netflix and chill, who?

Meet Kori: Kori is the managing partner in Winnipeg and he, like the rest of us, understands that social distancing is important. That doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! Kori loves climbing and wants us to stay home so we can get back to it sooner rather than later. Take this time to catch up on those projects that you were planning on getting around to, work on yourself, incorporate new or different kinds of movement into your routine, and keep the fire stoked with these adventure films, curated by Kori, perfect for an evening in. So grab your favourite beverage, load ’em up, sit back, and enjoy!  

Today Dreaming (2 minutes)

Safety Third (4 minutes)

A Walk Across the USA (5 minutes)

Angie Scarth-Johnson Climbing Her Way (5 minutes)

Denali (5 minutes)

35 (5 minutes)

Michaela Kiersch & The Golden Ticket (16 minutes)

Haida Gwaii Wild (1 minute)

Forever (7 minutes)

As a Guide (9 minutes)

Role Reversal (7 minutes)