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Accessible, Sensitive Climbing Education, Networking & Discovery

The four pillars at the foundation of The Hive Climbing and Fitness encompass community, climbing, education, and health and wellness. Including more folks in our amazing community is at the forefront of The Hive.

On a daily basis The Hive actively works to support and encourage people from diverse backgrounds as they learn the benefits of climbing, and The Hive team believe that people of all abilities should be able to access brave and inclusive space to enjoy the benefits of climbing.

Research* supports that therapeutic climbing programs have the potential for many holistic benefits in the domains of social, emotional, intellectual, and physical health. A sense of social belonging and community is fostered in the gym environment and in group programs. Emotional wellbeing is supported by exposure to risk and intense emotions with the opportunities to be encouraged and supported for outcomes of increased feelings of joy, self-esteem, and resilience. Intellectual and cognitive skills and abilities can be enhanced through climbing programs with behavioural benefits of improved focus, problem-solving skills, goal setting, and time management.

Climbing promotes many areas of physical health and wellness including cardiovascular fitness, strength, endurance, flexibility, and healthy fitness routines. The existing research supports and encourages therapeutic climbing programs to be created for greater community connections, climbing as an recreation activity to support individuals of all ability levels and skills, and education of the health and wellness benefits in which align with the organizational values of The Hive.

The Hive will begin offering new therapeutic climbing programs:

These two group programs will be designed to suit individuals of all abilities

  • 1 day intro course for youth
  • 1 day intro course for adults
  • 10 session youth program
  • 10 session adult program

These programs will be adapted to meet the needs of the individual or group of individuals taking part in the therapeutic climbing program. Under the direction of Recreation Therapist Chantal Cardoso (BTR, CTRS), all program and session plans will be created in collaboration with the community organizations or individuals who chose to participate in this therapeutic climbing program, to meet the needs of the participants to ensure a beneficial therapeutic experience.

For more information or for registration inquiries; please contact Chantal at

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small budget?

Hang in there, friends! We understand that a program might not be in your existing budget. The Hive can offer a helping hand from our Community Funding Coordinator, to assist you in finding appropriate grants, co-create grant applications, and offer fundraising guidance.

Please fill out the support request form to provide key information so Chantal can efficiently address your, or your organization’s needs.