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Memberships & Pricing

At the Hive we offer offer a wide range of memberships as well as drop-in rates and 10-visit passes. Find out what’s right for you!

Please note that climbers under 19 must have parent or guardian signed waiver, and that kids under 16 must have appropriate ratios of adult supervision. See Waiver. See supervision ratios at the bottom of this page.

An IMPORTANT note: During the months of January-April, Hive Vancouver will be operating Members only Hours during peak periods. Please check out the Hours of Operation page for more details.

Daily rates

  • Drop-in (19+) 20.95
  • Fall Assessment for new visitors 5
  • Shoe Rental 5
  • First Time Hiver28.57
  • Late Night Drop-in (9pm-11pm)15.71
  • Youth 13-17 16.19
  • Youth 12 & Under11.43
  • 10-Punch Pass (Climb or Yoga)1180

*please see below for supervision requirements for youth

Prepaid Memberships

  • 1 Month125
  • 1 Month Dual Gym 135
  • Hive Vancouver Annual 855
  • Ultimate Hive Annual ( Dual Gym Boulder & Yoga) 975

Youth Memberships

  • Youth Annual: Age 13-17 (Shoes included)350
  • Youth Annual: Age 6-12 (Shoes included)265
  • Youth Annual: Age 5 & Under (Shoes included)160

EFT – Ongoing Monthly Payments2

  • Initiation Fee399
  • Boulder87.50/mo.
  • Dual Gym (Ultimate Access)100/mo.

Student Memberships

  • Vancouver Student Term 315
  • Dual Gym Student Term 345

Student Rates apply to all memberships – 10% off regular priced memberships with proof of current enrolment. Our Student Term Membership is a 4 month term, available for purchase at the beginning of each term. Get it during the months* of September (Sept-Dec) January (Jan-Apr) and May (May-Aug).
Dual Gym access provides real freedom in training and climbing, & pays for itself if you go to Hive North Shore even once a month.

*Available for purchase Sept 1-30, Jan 1-31, May 1-31; prices are not prorated, so get it early in the month to maximize climb time.

Family Memberships

We know kids are expensive, so we want to give all you parents a break! 15% off total membership cost for combined family members* or 10% off EFT payment rates for each family member* (Discount does not apply to initiation fee)

*Inclusive of at least 1 adult membership and 1 youth membership

Fine Print

All prices are subject to GST. Rentals are subject to GST and PST.
1 10-Punch Pass also valid at our Hive North Shore location for bouldering & Hive Yoga.
2 EFT memberships require 30 days cancellation notice.
3 All EFT memberships are subject to payment of an initiation fee and prorated rate of the remaining month, up to the next billing date.

Mandatory orientation & fall assessment for new visitors

Every first-time visitor to The Hive is required to attend an orientation & fall assessment prior to climbing. The focus of this session is on proper falling technique, topping out, general safety, etiquette, and rules of the gym. There is a one-time fee of $5 + GST for the assessment. No charge for ages 17 and under.

Nina Tappin, Physiotherapist and long time climber, on the Orientation:

“In my 17 years of climbing at various walls in Canada and the UK I have never been properly shown how to fall off an indoor boulder wall until my first experience at The Hive North Shore this November.

I have to admit that I have been doing it all wrong! I never really grasped properly the drop back and roll probably because I never fall from height, because I am protecting chronic ankle instability (severely loose ankles!).  But shown how to land and roll backwards by the Hive’s staff I was comfortable to actually fall from higher than normal (for me).  I was over the moon to see that this education and check in is standard for novices and experienced climbers.  Teaching good technique in all aspects of climbing will help towards injury prevention.  Well done The HNS!! Very impressed :)”

Nina Tappin sports physiotherapist with climbing focus
Chartered Physiotherapist in BC & the U. K.

Please note well:
The falling techniques and other information covered in our orientation are specific to The Hive’s indoor environment and may not be applicable or effective when bouldering outdoors – this orientation is not a suitable replacement for learning to boulder and fall safely outdoors.


Under 19: Parent or Guardian signature required. All climbers under the age of 19 years must have the signature of a parent or legal guardian stating that they understand the risks of bouldering, and assume responsibility for their youth.

In order to reduce the risk of injury, we have specific parent-to-child supervisory ratios, depending on the age of the children. Parent:child ratios are as follows:

Up to 6: 1:1
Parent/Guardian provides constant supervision and may not climb. Child must be within arm’s reach of supervising adult at all times. Children in this age range are still developing awareness and ability to understand potential for harm.

Age 7-9: 1:2
Parent/Guardian is required to remain within arms’ reach of both children at all times, meaning the children must climb together. Parent/Guardian may not climb. Children under 10 may still be developing the cognitive ability to be mindful of people around them, which means parents must stay within arms reach to ensure a child, or children, do not wander into a fall zone.

Age 10-12: 1:4
This age range requires a parent on the mats. The parent is not required to remain in arm’s reach while the children are climbing, but the supervisor may not climb.

Age 13-15: 1:4
Parents must be present and available in the facility, though are not required to be on the mats while the youth are climbing unless the children prove to be at increased risk of harm to themselves or others.
If it’s your children’s first time at the gym, the parent or guardian of children 13-15 should be present with the children for the start of the session until the kids become familiar with the climbing gym environment and its risks.

Ages 16+  Youth may climb without adult supervision assuming they are able to behave appropriately as a positive part of the community. 

The Hive reserves the right to require supervision of youth who prove incapable of responsible behaviour on their own. Such decisions will be made in good faith.
If you have questions please contact the gym at 604-683-4483 or vancouver@hiveclimbing.com