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Community Ambassador Spotlight | Alison Stewart-Patterson

Community Ambassador Spotlight | Alison Stewart-Patterson

Alison Stewart-Patterson (aka: Speed) has been climbing for as long as she can remember. Being an active member of the climbing community has always been an asset to her life and she loves to crush outside in our local playground and beyond. In addition to her bouldering accomplishments, she previously held the Canadian female Speed climbing record at 10.83 seconds!

Allison at Climb Base5 during their 2018 November Sessions competition. Shane Murdoch photo.

What is your favourite style of climbing? Least favourite?

The steeper the better! I love heel hooks and I get to do this more in roofs.

Least favourite? Anything and everything related to slab.

If you were a tree, what tree would you be?

A Christmas tree, bringing the joy and happiness ❤️

Allison at Gneiss Climbing during their 2018 Pop and Lock competition. Kye Dipboye photo.

What do you do in your spare time?

I am a student at Emily Carr in Interaction Design. So I spend a lot of time doing homework or procrastinating by watching too much Netflix…

What inspires you and your climbing?

Discovering new climbing areas! I am looking forward to spending a good chunk of time just exploring and traveling in the van and see what we can find!

Where is the most interesting place you’ve ever climbed?

I competed in Cali, Columbia in 2013 for the World Games and that was probably the coolest climbing experience I’ve ever had!

If we’re taking it outside, I have been to Ceuse, France and the heucos are huge… You can fit your entire leg in there!

Follow Alison on Instagram at @alliestupat for updates and loads of fun content!