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Community Ambassador Spotlight | Guian Gumpac

Community Ambassador Spotlight | Guian Gumpac

Guian was introduced to climbing when he first moved to Manitoba from the Philippines when he was 14. He moved to Vancouver a few years ago with the pursuit of a World Cup win on his mind. In addition to his regular crushing, Guian is a computer science student at Simon Fraser University.

Where is your favourite climbing area?

Squamish. Is. The. Best.

Guian getting after it in Squamish.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Playing pool and poker with friends are probably some of my favourite pastime activities.

What are you working on for this competition season?

I’m currently working towards a spot on the Canadian national team!

Guian crushing during a competition at Hive North Shore.

What’s your favourite book?

A Long Way Home by Larry Buttrose and Saroo Brierley

What’s your favourite style of climbing? Least favourite?

I love to hate slab climbing… It’s my favorite style to work on even though it is my weakest style. My least favourite style would have to be dynos because I have chicken legs.

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