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Instructor Highlight: Maya Matthews

Instructor Highlight: Maya Matthews

Climbing. Community. Health and Wellness. Education.

These are the 4 pillars that define the Hive, and help us make decisions and it’s what we always return to.

Our education team works so hard to bring the five-star experience by providing you with tools to take your climbing to the next level. As we begin our courses again, we wanted to shine a little light on the instructors that really give our courses something special. Get ready to learn more about your favourite (and future favourite) Hive instructors!

Meet Maya.

Maya is originally from Ontario, but she fell in love with the BC forests and mountains. She’s got two more years of school until she becomes a Naturopathic Doctor and she’s also the owner of a small hand care company for climbers called Bomber Climbing! She recently took up mountain biking and thinks and it’s a terrifying but great way to experience the outdoors in a different way from climbing. Read on to learn more about Maya and her climbing life!

What’s your favourite route/problem and why?

I’m trying to remember the name of the climb but I just can’t find it! It was a super spooky one (well, it wasn’t that spooky, but slab is always a bit unnerving!) around Smoke Bluffs area in Squamish. I loved it so much because I took one look at it and was like ‘Nope! Not a chance, the grade is too hard and I’m gonna fail!’ but my partner was encouraging and supportive and reminded me that I should at least give it a shot. Well, I slipped off several times on the way up, but once I finished it I was so proud of myself! It had fun moves, thin holds and an awesome view. 

What’s your favourite climbing area? 

It only existed for a little while, but there was an adorable little crag in Southern Ontario that was open for a season. It was called Turtle Crag and I went just about 3 times a week all summer. Great climbing, sweet approach, and an awesome vibe. 

What do you love most about climbing?

I love the personal challenge and commitment. You can push yourself as much or as little as you want. You get to try new climbs or stay comfy with old favourites. Not only is climbing physical, but it’s also a mental lesson that finds things you are uncomfortable with and nudges you towards growth.

What’s one thing you wish you knew before/when you started climbing?

It’s not about the grade. It’s never about the grade. It’s about how you FEEL climbing something. Did you like it, was it scary, did it push you, did you feel like a badass? That’s what you should think before you climb something. Try to ignore those hex grades at the start of the climb. Instead, look at the holds and the flow of a problem/route. Does it look sick? Cool! Then give it a try!

How long have you been climbing?

I’ve been climbing for the last 6 years.

What do you teach at The Hive? 

I teach Womxn in Bouldering at Surrey! Such an awesome course, I LOVE being part of it!!


Womxn in Bouldering starts up at Surrey on August 18 and runs for 6 weeks. Sign up through the Courses tab on the website!