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Instructor Highlight: Jurga Prakapaite

Climbing. Community. Health and Wellness. Education.

These are the 4 pillars that define the Hive, and help us make decisions and it’s what we always return to.

Our education team works so hard to bring the five-star experience by providing you with tools to take your climbing to the next level. As we begin our courses again, we wanted to shine a little light on the instructors that really give our courses something special. Get ready to learn more about your favourite (and future favourite) Hive instructors!

Meet Jurga.

Jurga is our Education Coordinator at Hive North Shore. She came to us once upon a time a few years ago from Lithuania and quickly joined our crew at Vancouver. Since joining us, she’s become a staple within our community and she’s one of the crushers that people tend to go to if they’re looking to get into trad climbing!

How long have you been climbing?

Since 2011.

Where’s the most interesting place you’ve climbed?

It’s hard to choose – I’ve been incredibly lucky to dedicate chunks of my life for climbing trips, and visited probably 15 countries and many different regions and states within them. All of them have been very beautiful, inspiring, and unique. If I could teleport to one of those places now… it would be Gozo island (Malta). Sun and white limestone walls growing straight up from the Mediterranean sea!

Photo John Price

What’s your favourite climbing area?

Squamish! It’s the closest I’ve ever had to a ‘local crag’, and calling the Chief ‘my local crag’ seems like a privilege and a half. Yosemite is a close second.

What’s your favourite climb you’ve ever done and why?

My favourite climbs are usually multi-pitches, especially if you have to work to get there. One that quickly stands out was in Thailand (“Orange Chandeliers” on Ao Nang Tower), where we got dropped off the boat right onto this freestanding limestone tower in the middle of the water. The boatman then left us and got back a few hours later, trying to steer his little boat so that our last rappel could get us right back into it! 

What’s one thing you wish you knew before you started climbing?

I wish I knew more about injury prevention, instead of getting injured from training… On the bright side though, I had a lot of time to read about it once I got injured, and it has since become one of the most interesting topics to me…

What courses are you teaching at the Hive?

I currently teach Climb Smart at the Hive North Shore, and coach our micro crushers (Hornets)!


You can find Jurga teaching Climb Smart at the Hive North Shore. You can book in through the Courses page on our website, or click here.