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Kori’s Fine Film Festival vol. 3

Our Winnipeg Managing Partner, Kori, is back for more entertainment for you during social distancing. Perfect for a Friday night in (or any night in, you’ve got time), these movies will keep your fire stoked for the days when we can get back on real rock. You know the drill… Load ’em up, grab your favourite beverage, sit back, and enjoy!

Small Walls (2 min)

From Dumplings to Rock (15 min)

How Can a High Liner Overcome the Fear? (5 min)

A Day with Pamela Shanti Pack and Devin Fin (11 min)

Yosemite Rockfall (8 min)

Bear Spray (2 min)

How to Run 100 Miles (28 min)

Night Surfing (1 min)

Chocolate Spokes (5 min)

Variables with Kim Werner (5 min)

Rhythm (2 min)

Slacklining Eclipse (17 min)

Tanya the Hut Warden (5 min)

Forgotton Region (6 min)

A Tribute to Discomfort (4 min)