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School & Youth Group Programs

Looking for an exciting and educational experience where you can climb the walls? Active, engaging, challenging and fun, a facilitator-lead program at the Hive will inspire youth to achieve their goals, strive for success and learn to cooperate as a team.

Every program is based on experiential education principles and is tailored to the uniqueness of your group. Our trained facilitators will lead participants through progression of activities that work toward school curriculum and other group objectives.
Read up on your options below, or contact Gavin to find out more: gavin@hiveclimbing.com

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    Essential Bouldering

    Climb and have active fun under the guidance of our trained leaders. Warm-up games, a brief safety lesson and tailored climbing time form the essential bouldering experience.

    • Essential (2 hours)$25.00+tax/participant


“The atmosphere and environment of the facility was very energetic and had a great vibe. Everyone in our group had a fantastic time and only positive things to say. We will be coming back and bringing more people in the near future.”

David Thompson Outdoors Club

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    Single-Day Programs

    A facilitated single-day group program can be not only fun and active, but also focused on developmental topics such as improving communication, fostering leadership and building team skills.

    • Half Day (3 hours)$35.00+tax/participant
    • Full Day (5 hours)$50.00+tax/participant
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    Multi-Day Programs

    Multi-day workshops are very effective for growth and development. A multi-day program provides the best opportunity for in-depth learning as well as personal and social development.

    • Length & content will be customized to meet your needs
    • Price based on length
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    10-Week Climbing Course

    This structured course blends active group development with athleticism and the development of the mental and physical skills used in climbing. Excellent as a Physical Education topic or as an extracurricular sport option, this course gives participants the opportunity to explore both climbing technique and group dynamics through a progression of experiential lessons, games, initiatives and climbing.

    • Ten Session Course (2 hours per session)$300.00+tax/participant
  • Vancouver School Board Groups, download VSB approved consent form here.

Corporate/adult groups

Corporate or Adult Groups (19 and older) or mixed age groups that include a significant number of participating adults, please see our Corporate & Adult Group Events page.